Ways to prevent pulled hamstrings

Pulled hamstrings are common among athletes but are painful and require treatments to ease the pain and cure the pulled tendons. This condition occurs when the tendon of thigh muscles get stretched beyond their stretching capacity. While it can happen when you are running, or playing football, or skating, there are things you can do to avoid getting a hamstring injury.

Always warm up before you start a physical activity. Even if you are going for a run, prepare your muscles for intense movements by doing basic warm exercises.
Be slow with your warm up exercises. There are incidences where people get a hamstring injury not while running but while warming up. The irony can be avoided by going slow while warming up.
Do not over train yourself. As the saying goes, too much of too good is not so good. It is true in every case including training and exercising. Over exertion can not only lead to a pulled hamstring but also fatigue. Train only as much is required.
Try glute training to avoid hamstring injuries. These can also help you in treating hamstring injuries if you get them.
Do not overload your hamstring while sprinting on each step.

If you have already had one hamstring injuries and tried several things for treating those hamstring injuries, then you should know about some causes that make hamstring injuries to re-occur. It is not uncommon for a sport injury to re-occur. But by knowing these causes of recurring hamstring injury, you can prevent them from happening.

Inappropriate pelvic position. Make sure your pelvic position is right while you are doing any physical activities. This is important because hamstring consists of three muscles and one of those muscles is attached to your pelvic muscle.
When your glutes are not supporting the muscles while you are active (i.e., moving, walking, running and playing). Hamstring, glute and lower back muscle should work together when your body is moving. When they are not in-sync, hamstring injuries and strike again and you have to try more thing for treating hamstring injuries.
When athletes do no move correctly. There are right movements for every physical activity. Paying attention to the right movements will prevent you from getting a pulled hamstring again while ignoring that will give you the opposite result ad you will get back to treating hamstring injuries which takes time.
Knowing your body more will only help you from preventing it from injuries. Instead of trying many things for treating hamstring injuries, you can learn about the things you can do to avoid them.