Top airlines that offer first-class experience

The journey should be as memorable as the joy of reaching the destination. Comfort is of paramount importance when you are traveling. Earlier, the term “first class” translated to luxury and style, but today, several airlines are replacing “first class” with business class rows that have been upgraded. However, still, a couple of airlines have managed to maintain the sanctity of the first-class units in their flights and ensure super-luxurious travel for those who opt for it.

Airlines offering the amazing first-class experience are as follows:


Lufthansa’s long-distance flights comprise eight large-sized first-class seats, which are easily adjustable. When you stretch your back and relax, you can adjust the footrest, backrest, and the moveable ottoman to provide you with more space. If you want to lie down and catch up on some sleep, you can request the attendant to convert your seat into a bed. The bed will be equipped with a temperature-regulating duvet and a mattress topper and will give you a supremely comfortable experience.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia’s flagship aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER, has eight private suites that offer several kinds of luxury. Those who travel by first class in Garuda Indonesia vouch that the area and the services provided here make them feel as though they are a part of a calm and serene atmosphere. Because of the comfort provided, you do not even feel the jerks or disturbances that one might, sometimes, encounter during a flight. A wide range of dining options is offered to the guests. The food is put together by some of the best chefs from renowned restaurants across the globe.

Japan Airlines

Japan, as a country, is known for the warmth and hospitality it extends toward its guests. The same can be said about Japan Airlines. The First Class unit of the Boeing 777-300ER flight is a semi-enclosed suite with a strikingly gorgeous interior made up of wood-grain. The interiors spell luxury, and at the same time, give you a homely feeling. The console is huge and includes a spacious storage compartment, a laptop power brick, a controller for in-flight entertainment services, and a 23-inch screen on which you can consume video-based content.

Swiss International Airlines

Swiss, Switzerland’s national carrier, has eight, completely enclosed suites in the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330 fleets. The interiors are extensively made of European oak wood coupled with material made with shades of brown and grey. The fabric bulkheads, soft walls, and curtains play a massive role in suppressing the noise within the cabin and providing you with a soothing atmosphere. Every passenger gets a personal wardrobe accompanied by a sliding door. There is a 32-inch display screen that takes care of your in-flight entertainment.

Cathay Pacific

After re-furnishing and giving a brand new look to their first-class lounge at the Hong Kong International Airport, the airline decided to bring out some changes and improvements in the first-class units of their planes. The external surface of the first-class section bears a dark and glossy look. The seats are made up of natural leather and boast of a clean and sophisticated look.