Top 4 Nike Trainers for the athlete in you

If you are the one who loves to dabble with different kinds of sports and has a passion for running, your ordinary running shoes would fail to match your level of enthusiasm. It’s just a matter of few weeks when you see your running shoe falling apart, because you over-estimated its ability to survive the grueling running and gym sessions. Unless you own a money-minting press, it would impossible for you to have different shoes for different physical activities. Well, Nike did hear of your dilemma and devised a rescue mission in the form of Nike Trainers.

Nike trainers are those awesome go-to’ shoes which can survive any amount of ruggedness that you hurl at it. The idea to combine different sports shoes into a pair of Nike Trainers dawned upon Nike and they combined the cushioning feature of running shoes with the stability of the court shoes. The resultant shoes, i.e. Nike Trainers can be used for running, strength training, tennis, and aerobics. Talk about multitasking!

Since you are now familiar with the how amazing Nike Trainers are, here’s a list a list of the best Nike Trainers and get the one which has set your pulse racing.

The Nike Zoom Speed Trainer– As the name suggests, this Nike Trainer would help you zoom past the rest when you go for a run. Available in 14 different colors and at a very affordable price of $90, this would be the perfect choice if you want a Nike Trainer at a reasonable price and which is equipped with its trademark cushioning effect, then opt for this awesome Nike Trainer.

Nike Free Hyperfeel TR– One of Nike’s best trainers manifested itself in the form of Nike Free Hyperfeel TR. As the name itself suggests, Hyperfeel enables you to experience the ground feel of any trainer and provides the flexible cushioned protection that Nike is known for. As a part of Nike’s latest tech set, the uppers in this Nike Trainers consists of a glove-fitting Flyknit with Dynamic Flywire for a comfortable and snug fit.

Nike Free 5.0 TR– Nike became a favorite of every athlete when it launched the Nike Free 5.0 TR. This Nike Trainer is designed to fulfill every athlete’s requirements. If you love the cushioning that Nike is so famous for, then opt for these Nike Trainers.

Nike Fingertrap Max– Here’s to the hardcore athlete in you. Nike’s Fingertrap is undoubtedly the perfect shoes for big athletes. The cushioning is far more than the ones you find on normal Nike Trainers and the uppers fit you snugly.

Since now you are aware of the best Nike Trainers, grab a pair and start running.