Things to know about Ford oil change coupons

Maintaining a car is an expensive affair. You need to regularly service it and change its oil from time to time. While you can get it serviced at an affordable rate, the oils used in your car don’t come cheap; their price increases with the value of the car. For instance, the oils used in a top Ford model costs up to a hundred dollars.

You can afford it once or twice, but not every month. And this is where oil change coupons work the best. Let’s shed some light on them.

What are oil change coupons?
Oil change coupons are like every other coupon that you might have come across. They aid in getting cheap deals while changing the oil in your car. It is a great way to save money and service your car at the same time.

Ford oil change coupons
Changing oil is essential but expensive too. Ford Motors understands it better than most other automobile companies. To ensure owners don’t start regretting their choice of buying a Ford car, the company offers coupons that allow owners to use them to get discounts on services. Ford Motors coupons for oil changes are also included.

Available Ford oil change coupons
Ford regularly updates its website with brakes, battery, tires, and oil change coupons. Right now, there’s only one oil change coupon available: THE WORKS®* Synthetic Blend Oil Change and More.

The coupon, which is available on Ford’s website, is a great deal as it includes all of the following services:

  • Tire rotation and pressure check
  • Brake inspection
  • Vehicle checkup
  • Fluid top-off
  • Battery test
  • Filter check
  • Belts and hoses check

The coupon ensures that you will get up to six quarts of Motorcraft oil and Motorcraft oil filter. However, taxes, diesel vehicle charges, and disposal fees are additional charges and do not come as part of the package. A hybrid battery test is also excluded. The process to avail of the coupon is simple. You have to locate a dealership and call the Ford representative. Once you visit the service center at the allotted time, the Ford technicians will change the oil of your vehicle while you relax in a comfortable waiting room. Meanwhile, the offer is valid only till 31st December 2021. So, hurry up!