The major aspects to calculate before shopping for a new bathroom faucet

While shopping for bathroom sink faucets, there are several important aspects to decide. Be it the types, the finishes, the set-ups or latest technology trends. Some of the crucial sides are discussed for in-depth understanding so that you can decide on the desirable one.

Faucet Types

Go to the showroom where maximum finishes are shown on display, coordinate according to your place and decor of the bathroom. Don’t forget the additional details like the hardware, towel bar and lighting arrangement regarding this. If you are good at maintaining the interior, polished finishes are right for you, whereas brushed finishes work better in hiding the watermarks, spots as well as fingerprints.

Make sure that your faucet matches with the hole openings of the sinks.

  • Single-hole faucets are favored where the spouts, as well as mixing handles, are combined into one unit which needs just one drilled hole in the sink. Smaller sinks in powder baths install this type of faucets as it reflects modern touch.
  • Centerset faucets are appropriate for three-hole sinks with the single lever as well as double handles. It’s very common for bathroom sinks.
  • Widespread mounts are installed with three parts such as two handles with a spout. This type is quite a chunkier piece.
  • Wall-mounted faucets are very much popular in case of free or vessel drop-in bathroom sinks which need more extended spouts.

Technology Trends

With today’s technology advancements, home and interior ideas also install modern technology. There are: ‘Touchless faucets’ and ‘Sanitizing’ faucets, which are best for kids when they go outside to play in dust, dirt, and mud. Ozone-activated antibacterial faucet injects an ozone flow into the water to kill germs. Besides, wall mount faucets, vessel sink faucets, and motion-activated faucets are quite visible in shopping malls and public places. Automatic on/off, stream regulation, as well as adjustable temperature features, are on the list of this motion-detected ones. Battery or AC power is needed for these faucets to function. There’s another technology-enabled faucet; it’s a self-driven motion activated one with refined motion-activation power and self-generated power system. Smaller turbine is powered by the water stream. Some brands produce and store the electricity for the functioning of infrared sensors to presume motion. Laminar flow is another technology to enable soft and smooth water stream. To make the stream lighter, aerators induce air to the flow and the resultant bubbles transform the flow into frothy white in appearance. In case of laminar flow, numerous small and parallel water-sheets are generated for causing transparent and uninterrupted water flow. This doesn’t splash while washing hands or other things.


Usually, the style and design concentrate on the part of the spout. As per the present introductions, spouts allow water with thin tubes, rollercoaster arches as well as down open chutes. For enabling movement of arms and hands, articulated faucets are introduced in bathroom sinks. Sturdy, polished nickel or brushed finishes are popular. Choose as per the decor of the bathroom.