The lure of curved Samsung televisions

A smile is the most beautiful curve on the human body, and Samsung’s curved LED TV range will bring just that to your face.

Images look real and vivid on the Samsung curved TV because of the curved structure and the viewer is literally surrounded with a peripheral vision of the images. The bending edges give a wider look and these cannot be felt while viewing on a flat screen. The sense of depth when viewing in a curved TV for the first time is like a 3D effect and Samsung televisions are renowned for their depth and contrast in every facet as picture boosts the sense of depth.

We spend a lot of our free time in front of the television set, and comfortable viewing makes for more enjoyable viewing. If the eyes are fatigued because of bad clarity or picture, the best movies or TV series will not be enjoyed. The curve in these TVs helps the projected image to retain sharpness. While the color comparison with LCD TVs at the edges, there’s always a reduction of color saturation and contrast, the curved edges of the Samsung curved TV retain it to the maximum and gives us the image to the fullest resolution.

Watch it live with the ultra-high definition scale up for all your favorite TV shows and Blu-ray discs. The Samsung UHD smart evolution kit completely re-engineers your television and you needn’t replace it. The HU8500 is compatible with all current UHD connected sources and can be upgraded to be compatible with the future UHD standards as well.

Gear up with Samsung UA65HU9000R which has a digital clean view with auto channel search. The clock on/off timer and the sleep timer with more features such as connect share USB2.0, embedded POP, game mode, OSD Language (local languages), USB HID support, smart evolution support, Teletext, triple protector, picture in picture and GUI golden bridge. It’s one of the nicest looking TV’s in the market because of its look.

Samsung curved TVs have great picture quality but are quite expensive. It offers curved LED and LCD televisions, also sells curved OLED TV’s but their pricing keeps them niched. The curved TV reduces more reflections from the window or any object in the house.