Pros And Cons Of All In One Computers

The all in one computer is one of the critical variations of desktop computers these days. It has all the elements of a desktop integrated into a single machine which includes keyboard, mouse, CPU, and monitor. As they are easy to place in the workstations, this computing device has become one of the highest selling products in the US market.

Significance of an all in one computer

The benefits of the all in one computer are undoubtedly seen every field as people seem to embrace rather quickly by saying goodbye to conventional desktop computers or laptops.

  • Touchscreen facility
    The desktop and laptops have previously used a touchscreen but it did not really work out as people tend to go back to basic. From Dell to Apple’s AiO, every product has the multi-touch screen feature which makes it easier to finish the tasks. If you are using Windows 10, then the stylus or pen can become handy while operating specific applications.
  • Energy saving mode
    Unlike most of the laptops and desktops, the AiO consumer less power as maintaining the sustainability of environment has become one of the prime concerns of the leading electronics retailers. Additionally, people can save the money spent on electricity bills and invest further to other important things in life. The natural resources of the environment remain intact as this type of computing device generates even less heat in comparison to laptops and other products.
  • No need of spending money on monitor
    The manufacturers of AiO including Apple, ASUS, Dell, and Acer provide LCD screen that does not require you to buy a different monitor. Their screens are sleek which gives an amazing look to the overall design of the model. Other than the conventional PC monitor, many of the manufacturers have started to provide flat panel monitors.
  • Cable-free workstation
    As the AiO comes with every component into one device, the table becomes wires and cable free. As it has a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other essential things inbuilt in it, cables are not required. Moreover, there is no need for the power cable either. In addition to the context, people were prone to trip over the cables when they worked around them and by getting rid of this; the workstation has become attractive and appealing to people’s eyes.

Drawbacks of buying an all in one computer

The first advantage of getting an all in one computer is that the device is more expensive than the desktops or laptops. Following are the other disadvantages of the AiO,

  • The all in one computer cannot be upgraded easily and the available hardware in the current market is in a condition that requires frequent improvements. The latest model can become old within few months after being purchased. The investment can cause you a lot as in the conventional personal computers, the hardware can be upgraded easily.
  • As with each passing moment, something new is being developed or invented, it is a severe issue to invest a huge amount on an electronics device all of a sudden. Suppose, you have an all in one computer which you may think is suitable according to your needs but what if a better built-in display surfaces to the market that has a higher resolution? The dilemma can surely interrupt you to your tasks on the device efficiently.
  • If you are a gaming enthusiast, you need to think twice before buying an AiO computer. The version of graphics this computer has is not that good compared to the laptops or conventional PCs. In addition, the performance of CPU is not that great as compared to the typical laptops.
  • There is memory restriction that may hamper your functions on a large scale.
  • Other than RAM, other internal components are restricted to be upgraded.
  • If a USB port does not function, then you can face complications in repairing it. For the typical desktops, it was easier for you to repair as you were familiar with the domain, unlike the all in one computer.

The all in one computer can resemble the functions of a tablet and desktop computer. Nonetheless, if the customer is willing to move to something more robust, the all in one computer can be the perfect choice for him/her.