Popular brands that offer luxury bath towels

A bath towel is one of the key items that you need on a daily basis. When it comes to bath towels, they must be the best in quality and durability. Two things to be kept in mind before buying a towel is its lifespan and cost. There are several branded bath towels, where the manufacturers promise to deliver top of the class quality. Listed below are some of the popular brands offering luxury bath towels.

Marks and Spencer towels
If you are searching for a bath towel that is durable without bargaining on quality, check Marks and Spencer. Its lightweight cotton fiber towels are the best in terms of superior quality and durability. They are very popular in the market owing to their quality and availability in various sizes.

Tommy Hilfiger towels
If you are looking for some unique designs and wide selections of towels, you can certainly count on Tommy Hilfiger towels. Their affordable and high-quality cotton bath towels give strong competition to most of their competitors in the market. Their towels absorb water quickly and do not rub off or bleed in washes.

Park Avenue towels
Park Avenue towels are light in weight and tough in quality. They look as good as new even after a few washes. Their fabrics are designed to give you a luxurious bathing experience. These towels retain water well and dry quite rapidly.

Solimo bath towels
They provide 100% cotton bath towels that are super soft. It is made of fabulous cotton textures and built to deliver outstanding quality. A Solimo bath towel is smooth, big in size, and doesn’t fade color during the wash. Moreover, it is available in many attractive colors that will suit your bathroom style.

Dunelm Mill towels
In case you’re searching for a travel bath towel that is super retentive, try Dunelm Mill towels. Somewhat thinner than a consistent shower towel, you will discover this towel great in outline and flawless in the finish.

Your own inclination and decision matter a lot while purchasing a towel. So pick the one that best suits your style and bathroom layout.

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