Points to consider before you try online dating

Online dating has transformed the way two people meet. Gone are the days of requesting your best friend to introduce you to someone in your extended circle. Today, technology has improved and enhanced different modes of communication thus opening up new avenues for dating. The increasing use of smartphones has also enabled users to download mobile app versions of dating websites, create a profile on the go, update preferences, and find a match.

New romances are always exciting and the possibility of meeting the right person is a definite cause for happiness. But beware of not reading the fine print carefully before signing up on an online dating platform; this world too has its own rules and regulations as well as precautionary measures you must take note of. Here are a few points you must consider before you join a dating website and end up paying for premium services.

Beware of decoy profiles
It may burst your bubble but understand that many online dating websites have fake or decoy profiles to simply entice unsuspecting users to continue browsing for their potential partner. It is not uncommon to come across a profile that might seem perfect on the surface but is actually a scam account. Decoy profiles are handled by paid writers who simply do the bare minimum to keep someone interested long enough for the user to finally pay for premium services. Read the profile bio carefully, take a good look at the pictures uploaded, and most importantly chat with the user thoroughly to establish the authenticity of the profile.

It is not an instant process
You have to realize that there are a lot of factors that are not under your control on a dating website. Finding a match online is a complex process and often times users unable to find a match or have a steady relationship fall into depression after spending a considerable amount of time on the site. You must never let your online dating endeavors influence your self-esteem. Your online profile does not determine your self-worth in any way.

Online dating is not your only solution
Always know that online dating is only a tool, a means to meet someone. But that doesn’t mean you end up spending a significant part of your day staring at the screen waiting for a response. If you manage to get a response, it is well and good. However, don’t let the online profile take over your life as it is easy to get carried away waiting for someone to respond from the other side of the digital veil. You will have a better chance of meeting someone when you expand your social circle in real life too by joining a course, going to a reunion and the like.