Here’s why blood appears in the urine and semen

We know we are in perfect health when our body can perform all its functions without any obstacle When all our organs are functioning at their level best, one can perform all his daily tasks with great ease. In case there is something seriously wrong with our body, the body sends out signals that there’s a disruption in one or the other function. If it goes undetected, it might be the author of many more health issues to come.

A majority of men across the globe might have experienced the presence of blood in the urine and semen at some point in time. The blood in urine and semen is accompanied with excruciating pain which surfaces when men pass urine and ejaculate. The condition worsens over the period of time when it is neglected. The presence of blood in urine and semen might be the harbinger of some serious underlying disorders. Awareness of such conditions come in handy, and it prompts one to opt for immediate medical assistance.

Reasons for blood in urine

The presence of blood in urine is called hematuria, and can either result from some trivial issue or can indicate a serious medical issue. The causes of the sudden appearance of blood in urine are as follows-

  • Bladder infections are the most common causes of blood in urine. When a person suffers from a bladder infection, he may experience pain and irritation while passing urine. In addition to this, when the infection becomes severe, blood begins to appear in the urine.
  • The presence of blood in urine is indicative of some underlying kidney infection. This infection will be accompanied by fever and chills. Also, it can also indicate the existence of kidney stones or kidney diseases.
  • Vigorous exercises or enlarged prostates too can cause blood to appear in the urine.

Reasons for blood in semen

When blood appears in the semen, this condition is known as hematospermia. It doesn’t usually indicate a major health issue, but the presence of blood in semen must not be neglected. The causes of blood appearing in the semen are as follows-

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are one of the major causes of the appearance of blood in semen. Unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners can result in STDs.
  • Presence of benign or malignant tumor in the prostate, testes, seminal vesicles or bladder is linked to the presence of blood in semen.
  • When cysts, hemorrhage, and other abnormalities are present in the seminal vesicles, blood appears in the semen.
  • Calculi, which is similar to kidney stones, is also known to cause the appearance of blood in semen.

The presence of blood in urine and semen is not to be ignored. Seeking timely medical treatment can detect the underlying medical condition as well.

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