Features of the Apple iPad 4

The Apple iPad 4 (fourth generation) was launched in 2012 amidst much excitement and anticipation. This iPad was an instant hit and had almost completely replaced the iPad 3 in the market only within a few months of the launch. Read on to know more about the features of this once amazing tablet.

What made this iPad an instant hit as compared to its previous versions was its Retina Display. It added crispness to the display and everyone loved how their screen looked. This feature was accompanied by a better processor—the A6X processor. It offered superior performance as compared to the previous model. Along with these, Apple had replaced the front VGA camera with a 1.3 MP HD sensor camera.

Operating system
The Apple iPad 4 used to run on iOS6. The OS changed every year, till the time the sales of this iPad were discontinued. Therefore, the OS you will get with an iPad 4 will depend on the year of the model and might range from iOS 6 to iOS 10.3. You need to note that because this iPad model is old, it is likely that you will not find any new tablets on the market. However, you might find used or refurbished models if you intend on buying it.

With regard to design, the Apple iPad 4 had nothing new to offer as compared to its predecessors. It looked very similar to its previous model and was almost completely identical to the iPad 2. The only difference between the iPad 2 and iPad 4 was the weight, as the latter was 60 grams heavier and was known to cause arm strain after prolonged usage. This tablet has curved edges, an oleo-phobic glass, a scratch-resistant surface, and an aluminum chassis that puts it far ahead in competition with Android tablets.

Memory and storage
Apple had upgraded this tablet’s RAM to 1GB, making is better than the iPad 2. This tablet was available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB variants, with no extra slot for external memory cards.

This tablet was much loved for its simple interface. The Apple iPad 4 came as fresh change after the iPad 3, which was slow, complicated, and had many other flaws that made the fans of the brand lap up every tiny feature that the iPad 4 brought with it. As already mentioned, you may not find this tablet in the market right now, both online and offline. If you do find one, be careful to check if it is a used or refurbished piece and negotiate the price accordingly.

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