• A 5-step guide to designing a logo for free

    Irrespective of whether you’re starting a charitable organization, local store, or just a personal blog on the Internet, you need to create your brand. But, that’s not just it. Creating a brand is no piece of cake; it requires hours of research, a well-drawn out plan, and, most importantly, a logo. A logo is not just something that will go on your merchandise but an essential part of what your brand is trying to be. It is a graphical representation of everything that the company stands for.

    So, how do you do all this and more with your logo, especially if you’re on a tight budget? Well, mentioned here are a few tips to help you create your logo design completely free of cost:

    • Think about your audience
      One of the major steps to creating a successful brand is to understand your audience, and this holds for the brand logo design as well. Your logo should not alienate your audience but should convince them to join you. Understanding the demographic helps you understand the colors you can use as well as the artwork you can create.
    • Color is everything
      After you know your audience, you can narrow down the color palette by a whole lot. Colors send out a whole bunch of messages. Some send out messages of reliability, while others showcase passion and strength. You must keep this in mind if you want to create your logo design for free.
    • The font matters too
      Along with a carefully chosen color, you would want to use a professional font that will draw attention to your brand logo. Choose from the four main types of fonts wisely. That said, don’t hesitate to step away from the norms and try on different styles if you have a more creative blog or website.
    • Try out different versions
      Remember, making just one logo will not suffice. You need to make different versions and run it by people to help understand which design works and which one is not as effective. Not to mention, you can also use different versions of the logo on social media.
    • Pick out a logo designing tool
      Once you’ve got the design down, you need to start actually creating the logo. To create a logo design for free, you can choose from a wide range of online tools like Tailor Brands, Wix, Canva, and many more.
  • Top 4 websites that create your brand logo for free

    Your logo speaks volumes about your business. It’s your brand’s visual identity, and it represents the innovative minds of the creators. So, designing a perfect logo is crucial. And luckily, today, you don’t need to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to develop a great logo for your company. There are tons of amazing websites where you can easily create the best logo design for free. If you’re looking for one such website, check out our top selection of free logo-making online platforms.


    Canva is one of the best websites to create not just a free logo design and flyers, business cards, invitations, and a lot more. The drag-and-drop interface of the website makes logo designing a simple and fun task, even for beginners. You can choose from over 100 different logo templates, and explore Canva’s vast library of free elements to add to your design. You can play around with the text, colors, fonts, and more until you’re happy with it.

    Wix Logo Maker

    Wix Logo Maker is a popular tool to create a logo design for free in minutes. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your brand and personal style, and its intelligent logo maker tool will come up with a design that might be right for your business. But if you don’t like what the website produces, you can customize and create your own unique design.

    Tailor Brands

    Tailor Brands is among the finest design tools that can help you create an ideal logo for your brand for free. It’s perfect for someone who has no expertise in designing but still wishes to make a professional business logo. To get started, enter some basic details about your company and choose your design preferences. The tool runs on AI algorithms, so it will instantly come up with a nearly perfect design. You can later customize the font and other aspects of the design based on your preferences.


    Hatchful is a user-friendly logo maker tool from Shopify. You can choose from hundreds of varied templates, icons, and color combinations, and customize them to get what you exactly want finally. Similar to other logo-making websites in this list, you need no experience to get started with Hatchful. After you’re done with the designing part, you can download high-quality image files optimized for various purposes, such as social media, business cards, and merchandise.

  • 5 free antivirus software to buy in 2021

    Antivirus is an important software that you must have on your personal computer. There are numerous hackers, cybercriminals, and scammers that you need to keep our data protected from. There are some good antivirus software 2021 has to offer, and we will be talking about the five best options that are free.

    Avira Free Antivirus
    This is one of the best antivirus options from Avira, mainly because the performance is decent and it is free to download. Your hardware will not experience too much lag with this antivirus, which has performed well on numerous tests and taken care of 99.7 percent of threats. The interface is clean and is available for various operating systems including Windows and iOS. This one has numerous features and is certainly one of the recommended options for antivirus 2021 has in store.

    Bitdefender Antivirus Free
    Although free, this antivirus has removal rates that have exceeded expectations, scoring 100 percent on malware detection. It runs in the background without any disturbance to the functioning of your computer, and you will get notifications only for serious concerns. The scanning of the device is also relatively faster, and there are no interruptions even when you’re doing some heavy programming. The scanner is cloud-based and provides real-time protection.

    AVG Antivirus Free
    AVG is a more far-reaching antivirus software as compared to the other options. It actively searches for malware and viruses. It also identifies and blocks links that are suspicious, and prevents downloads that may cause harm to your computer. Additionally, it is great for Android devices and works quite well on Google platforms too. 

    ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus
    This is a free antivirus software that works through different areas, including firewalls and malware scanning. It also addresses data loss and identity theft, which makes it more beneficial to some people. You can back up your data with the help of a cloud backup service and also encrypt it for online usage. 

    Panda Free Antivirus
    Panda Free Antivirus is designed for Windows and Android. It can detect more adware and ransomware files as compared to several other antivirus options. Notifications can be suspended when you’re watching a movie on a full screen or playing a game. There are certain limitations with the free option, which can be taken care of with an upgrade.

  • Cloud-based medical software billing programs that make life easier

    Managing a hospital is a challenging task. From keeping track of the patients to maintaining records and stocking medical supplies, there is a lot to do. To top all of this, hospitals also need to keep track of the inflow and outflow of money, making the whole billing process frustrating and strenuous. But, it does not have to always be this way.

    Here are some of the best web-based medical software billing programs that simply exist to make life easier.

    • CureMD
      The CureMD Medical Billing Service is a great cloud-based software that supports the management of payers, electronic claims and submissions, and has an amazing billing and collection facility.
    • EpicCare EMR
      EpicCare is another billing program that allows users to access all billing information in a consolidated manner. It also has a strong claim management function that allows users to track the claim and report errors.
    • AdvancedBilling
      This cloud-based centralized system is dynamic and can be integrated with AdvancedMD’s front-office management system. Due to its dynamic nature, there is no need for manual entry when it comes to updating the patient’s health records.
    • DrChrono EHR
      This EHR and medical billing solution provides a comprehensive management system. The best part is that it is cost-effective, works across multiple operating systems and platforms, and can be used for small or large hospitals.
    • NextGen Healthcare
      The NextGen Revenue Cycle Management system allows users to track and process their claims in a timely manner. It comes with a robust billing and collection system that has multiple features, such as call, text, automatic bill generation, automatic batch payments, and much more. It also comes with a portal that helps users access a complete summary of their demographic, referrals, and insurance. While this medical billing program is quite good, it is rather expensive.
    • Navicure EHR
      This cloud-based billing program is intuitive in nature which enables tracking and monitoring of the claims throughout its lifecycle. A physician can check the progress on a single dashboard. It also supports bill generation and invoicing.
    • NueMD EHR
      This is by far one of the most affordable billing programs on the list and it comes with multitudes of features. From comprehensive billing to claim-filing, this medical billing software has it all. Its only drawback is that it is available for small and medium scale hospitals and clinics, not large ones.
  • Top 5 benefits of using medical billing software

    Gone are the days when you had to sift through piles of paperwork to find important patient information. To stay competitive in today’s healthcare industry, medical billing software programs are absolutely necessary. Essentially, these programs automate the healthcare billing process and are designed to easily track claims, making billing a hassle-free and swift process. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of employing such systems.

    Almost eliminates paperwork and errors

    The time-consuming paperwork activity is becoming obsolete by the day in the medical field. Even smaller healthcare facilities have resorted to technologies for more efficient ways of managing bills and claims. Medical billing software programs drastically reduce the burden of paperwork and human errors. You don’t even need to bother storing documents as all your data is automatically secured on the computer.

    Process and track claims efficiently

    This is another great advantage of using billing software. They make the system of the processing claims and tracking them extremely easy and quick. Additionally, they can identify inconsistencies in a patient’s file, which could lead to a rejected claim from the insurance provider. Simply put, billing systems improve data accuracy and expedite the claims process.

    Real-time data access and analysis

    With medical billing software, employees can easily access and update billing information remotely. By integrating this software into an existing electronic health record, one can understand revenue trends by analyzing billing data. This immensely helps in discovering some hidden source of revenue and identifying services that are not used much.

    Reduced expenses

    Medical billing software programs also come with web-based solutions for the billing service. That means you don’t need to hire more employees or outsource the service for medical bills. You also save extra money since by not paying for a portion of the social security and insurance costs of medical billers.

    User-friendly interface

    You don’t need special training to understand how medical billing software programs work. The vendor sets up the entire system in less than a day, and your employee should be able to start working almost immediately as the system is pretty straightforward. If you still have any questions, your vendor is always there to help you.

  • Starting your career in medical billing and coding

    Have you considered a career in medical billing and coding but are unsure how to get ahead? One of the best options is to pursue an online medical billing and coding course that can fit right into your hectic schedule. Here’s an overview at what you need to study and how you can start your career after completing an online medical billing and coding education.

    What will you study?
    First, let’s understand what a medical billing and coding job entails. As part of this job, you would have to delegate codes to each diagnosis and procedures. This is done through a thorough study of each patient’s case and the use of special programs on the computer. After this, you need to file a claim as required with insurance firms.

    As part of your online medical billing coding course, you will study the following:

    • Physiology and anatomy
    • Insurance law
    • Medical terminology
    • Medical office administration
    • International classification of diseases

    An online medical billing and coding course will prepare you through various means including live chat, audio and video lessons, and online study material. Your exams may be given online or even at a local center located near you. Students will be allowed to contact instructors to clarify their doubts.

    Where you can study?
    Drexel University, Philadelphia, has a complete online medical billing and coding course that has been created by Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions. This course is designed for people who already have medical experience and for those completely new to the field. Once students complete the course, they can appear for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam, Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CRMS) exam, and the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam.

    Another great option to pursue an online medical billing and coding course is at DeVry University, Illinois. This prepares you for a host of exams including the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and Certified Professional Coder (CPC).

    Getting a job
    You can search for a job through the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC), which lets you do an apprentice program after you clear its exam. Even if you do not have a certification yet, you can still appear for interviews. Let your prospective employer know how you are interested in the field and how you wish to complete your certification soon enough. It’s best to do some research before heading for the interview to know what you are getting into.

  • 4 main benefits of online medical billing and coding courses

    The healthcare industry is a great place to have a stable career. Apart from doctors and nurses, there is an ever-growing demand for professional medical billing and coding technicians.

    Medical coding takes any kind of medical diagnosis and translates this to a preset code. These codes may be set by the International Classification of Diseases for various illnesses. There are also Current Procedural Terminology codes for medical procedures. These codes have to be carefully entered as per certain guidelines into certain software. All of this helps when a patient files a claim in insurance.

    In medical billing, the biller creates a bill for the insurance company. They do this with the help of medical codes. The biller sees how much the insurance is ready to pay and how much the patient needs to pay.

    These days, there are many online medical billing and coding courses for students to pursue. Some of the best options for these online courses include Ashworth College, Miller-Motte, and Dakota State University.

    Let’s take a look at the benefits of studying medical billing and coding online.

    • Study at your convenience
      While your course would set certain timelines for you, you can take the course at your convenience. This means that you can study and work at the same time. So, whether you are on your way to work or just have half an hour after the kids have fallen asleep, an online medical billing and coding course will work by your schedule.
    • Be at par with regular courses
      Most people have the wrong notion that an online course is never as detailed as the ones offered in a conventional university. This is absolutely untrue. All leading online medical billing and coding courses offer you the exact same curriculum that you would follow if you went to a full-time college.
    • Get access to a bigger network of schools
      Perhaps you want to study at a particular university but the distance is stopping you. Now, with access to online courses, you can study anywhere you want to without needing to worry about a long commute or relocation. This means that you have more access to a bigger network of schools, thanks to the Internet.
    • Cheaper fees
      Most online courses cost way less. This is because the university is saving up on expenses that it would incur with a full time staff, electricity, furniture, and so on. This is actually one of the biggest reasons that should motivate you to get started soon.
  • Top benefits of using Norton Antivirus

    A multi-OS and multi-device defence software from the company Symantec, Norton Security offers real-time protection against cyber threats, spyware, malware, and viruses. It offers innovative security algorithms to specially protect financial information and private data when a user sells or buys online.

    Symantec Norton Antivirus is linked into a worldwide network of intelligence that is made up of civilians who are constantly on the watch for possible cyber threats. This helps give people some peace of mind about security. Due to this, Symantec Norton Antivirus can immediately create new updates and send them to users to help protect them robustly. With Symantec Norton Antivirus, business and freelance users can scale up as and when they require. It is made possible by the application’s flexible upgrade options, so users can change the effectiveness of their security as their operations expand. Listed below are a few of the main benefits of using Symantec Norton Antivirus.

    Safe online transactions 

    The name suggests, the software protects financial details of users from potential cybercriminals. The advanced protection algorithms of the software help make sure that the private and financial data does through an encryption process during, after, and before online transactions are made.

    App download protection

    Norton Antivirus ensures that the apps downloaded are first analysed before they are completely installed in Android devices. By doing this, it offers protection to users who are less likely to download apps unknowingly, which can read private information, affect their battery lie, and irreversibly damage the electronic device.

    Multi-platform security

    Symantec Norton Antivirus is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Thus, it helps teams that work with varied operating systems and devices. This helps to safeguard every single member of the team from possibly damaging executable no matter the platform they are working on.

    Faster threat identification

    Symantec Norton Antivirus, as mentioned earlier, is linked to a worldwide intelligence network who scours the Internet for imminent cyber threats. This process allows the application to recognize new hazards as they occur and also before they are fully completed.

    Real-time watchdog

    Innovative system works seamlessly around the clock in the background to help make sure that your devices are safeguarded from cyber threats. This helps you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that even when you are not using your device, it is defended against spyware, ransomware, and the like.