• 3 Notable Features of Modern Manufactured Homes

    Given the current standing of the economy, finding an affordable house is quite challenging and time-consuming. One solution for home seekers is to choose manufactured homes. Some significant advantages of manufactured homes are that they use high-quality materials, meet all safety codes and regulations needed for safe living, offer customizable aspects based on the buyer’s needs, and are energy efficient as well as eco-friendly. As large-scale manufacturers build such homes, they are quite affordable too.

    Three notable features of manufactured homes are:

    • Safe and secure
      Each manufactured home has to satisfy some HUD codes, and all manufacturers are aware of the consequences of violating these norms. These HUD codes for manufacturing a ready-made home carry a string of performance-related standards that include plumbing, heating, thermal and electrical systems, construction, structural design, air conditioning, energy efficiency, fire safety, and even the mode of delivery and transportation from the manufacturer’s base to the customer’s location. Getting a red seal stamped on the manufactured home indicates that the house has undergone rigorous inspection at various stages.
    • Customization and incorporation of amenities
      The production process for manufactured homes has undergone tremendous changes over the years, and these houses have become highly customizable according to each buyer’s taste. A buyer can pick between a regular floor plan for their manufactured home, or they can customize a new floor plan that not only suits their budget and lifestyle needs but also contains amenities like porches, decks, fireplaces, etc. A buyer can also choose to install top of the line appliances from the best brands in their manufactured homes.
    • Energy savings and eco-friendly amenities
      One of the key areas that manufactured home builders focus on is the sustainability of the products. They try to maximize this sustainability in such a way that the homes are truly eco-friendly and energy efficient in all aspects. In comparison to regular houses, a manufactured home cuts wastage by almost 90% and sometimes even more. One can attribute this to the technologically advanced design and building practices that manufacturers follow. Picking a zero to low VOC paint, integrating double flush toilets and low flow faucets, use of materials with higher insulation, cutting down on temperature controllers, using modern green practices such as rainwater harvesting and greywater systems, all lead to efficient energy consumption and low risk to the environment. At the same time, these systems do not dull a customer’s satisfaction in any way.
  • Tips for Renting Your House as an Owner

    The current housing market is below par. Renting is a much better option than trying to sell your house while the market is this low. Renting your house out is highly beneficial as it not only helps to cover mortgage but also brings you some extra income.

    To begin with, to rent out your home as an owner, you have to let USAA know about the rental status. You should also equip yourself with some basic knowledge about property management to ensure that you follow the right practices and don’t end up making mistakes.

    Statistics show that almost one out of five people choose homes directly off the internet, and look for houses rented out by owners as opposed to other sources for rentals. As an owner, you can go through the following tips before you start renting out your home:

    • Always screen your tenant and pick the best one. Try to look for known tenants by spreading the word that you are renting out a home. Request all applicants to fill a small form that asks for the renter’s name, employer, and other personal and professional information. Before renting your house out, you should also get the renter’s Social Security Number as well as a signed authorization form to conduct a credit check. You check should include factors like credit reports, criminal history, and consulting references. If you’re confused about this process, you can get in touch with professional agencies to help you with the process for a small fee.
    • Analyze the rental costs in your geographic location and determine the amount that you intend to charge. Getting a comparable rental rate will make you favorable among renters, especially for those who are looking exclusively for rentals by owners.
    • Document a lease and protect your rights as an owner. This lease should cover all the legalities needed to protect and safeguard both the tenant and owner’s rights and obligations.
    • Ensure to get insurance for your property before you rent it out. Rent by owner type of homes are usually a little too flexible on agreement and rules, but staying protected can help you secure your property against structural damages and other issues.
    • It is best to take the help of a management company. Most tenants who are looking at houses for rent by owners are keen on getting their terms approved without any hassles. However, this could be problematic for you and your property. Getting professional help ensures that you get the best tenants, and you don’t have to worry about managing your property during the rental period.
  • 3 Tips to Follow While Looking for Cheap Houses to Rent

    Over the last eight years, our country has seen a steady decline in homeownership, and this directly implies that more and more people are turning towards renting houses; this has lead to a lot of competition for both rental homes and rates. One of the best ways to find cheap houses for rent is to plan ahead of time because renters tend to change their decision until the last minute before finalizing an option. When you are on the lookout for the best house to rent at an affordable price, then you shouldn’t look for houses randomly as this will not be beneficial. Instead, you should go house hunting with a clear strategy when you are adequately prepared.

    Here are a few tips to help you plan ahead of time and pick a cheap house for rent:

    • Begin your house search earlier in the month as this is the time when most houses are up for grabs, and you get a wider pick in terms of price, amenities, location, etc. Your search for a home must begin at least 60-30 days ahead of the date when you’re planning to shift. When you’re house hunting, you need to learn all that you can about the locality that you want to move into, as well as other essential parameters that can help you zero in on the best house that suits your needs.
    • You can start your search for a cheap house for rent online, but don’t rely on that option alone. Most renters look up apartments on Craigslist or Zillow and go with what is available or whatever looks good to them. You can use the online renting sites as a stepping stone to understand the pricing and amenities available in houses, and then go on to look for one in real time. When you begin the physical search, there’s a chance that you might stumble on some great options accidentally.
    • Get some professional help as real estate agents and brokers can help you narrow down your search according to your specific needs. Remember to pick a rental broker as opposed to a sales broker. When you get the help of a broker, you get access to different pricing ranges, and most of them have different holds on different buildings; so finding a cheap house for rent becomes easier.

    Always remember to check the authenticity of the houses you view so that you do not fall prey to a scam. In case you choose to share a house for rent, then get a little background on your housemates as well. Following these simple steps can help you start your house search without much trouble.

  • Top Websites Listing Tiny Houses for Sale

    Tiny houses have become a matter of great convenience for those people who are looking for a compact living space that they can call their own. Getting a tiny house for sale, be it new, used, pre-built, or custom made, is quite easy due to the vast market available for this segment. You can shop around based on word of mouth or look up a directory for house contractors or manufacturers. Online tiny house listing sites are also quite popular as they are not only convenient but also offer a wider range of choices, all from the comfort of your home.

    Here is a list of the top five websites that offer the best tiny houses for sale:

    • Tiny House Marketplace: This is one website wherein apart from its own brand of tiny homes, they allow the listing of other brands. They have a digital map where you are allowed to view tiny homes for sale in a particular locality. It is a useful way for understanding where the house is situated and all the amenities available nearby.
    • Tiny House Listings: This website is a large one-stop database listing the availability of various tiny houses for sale, and it has has been an online market for such houses for quite some time. Also, this is not a brand page for tiny homes, and therefore the listings for all brands and offerings are fair and just. They also have a Facebook page that constantly updates its followers in real time.
    • Craigslist.com: This website is literally the one stop spot for all our needs, and it’s a great website for people who are looking for tiny houses for sale. Using a combination of tiny house keywords and other synonyms, one can find a lot of choices listed by owners, contractors, manufacturers, etc. Most often tiny house owners list their homes on Craigslist because it is very easy to use.
    • Pinterest: While most of us see this website as a mere DIY idea-generating website, Pinterest can offer much more to its patrons. People who are trying to offer their tiny houses for sale might post pictures on Pinterest trying to showcase their homes, and might even provide details of the sale. Through someone else’s pin, you may end up finding the tiny house of your dreams.
    • You can also check social media marketplaces and official websites of tiny house manufacturers to find the best deals or even get ideas on what type of tiny houses you need to find.
  • A Brief History of Modular Homes

    Prefabricated homes gained mileage post World War II as it catered to the housing shortage at a fast pace. For less than $2500, homeowners received kits that included prefabricated pieces of wood, nails, tools, and paint. All that you had to do was look at the manual and build the house by yourself or with minimal external help. In the 1970s, the federal government put some rules in place to ensure the safety of modular homes. Today, prefab homes are also called modular homes. They have evolved to include the latest technology and building materials. When a first-time home buyer looks for housing options, modular homes are on the top as they tick off several columns such as cost-efficient, better quality, environment-friendly, sustainable, and good looking too. If you are looking to build green homes that cause minimal damage to the environment, you should opt for modular homes. Since they are manufactured in factories as per your specific measurements, the wastage of building materials is reduced by half. All the unused materials are recycled for their next order. Most of the waste that goes to landfills is from the construction industry. With modular homes, this waste is reduced by 40%. Most of the new modular homes come with green roofs and include provisions such as solar panels that supply electricity for all household needs. Homeowners can use this electricity for lighting, cooling, and heating purposes. They can also store excess electricity in batteries and sell it to local grids. The country’s law ensures that modular homes maintain high sustainability standards. They cannot use traditional material like PVC or cement. They have to use non-toxic and low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials that are eco-friendly. New and innovative technologies have led to the use of reinforced and recycled materials for roofs, and internal wall panels. This type of insulation keeps the house warm during winter and cool during summer. New ideas like bamboo floors, collection and storage of excess rainwater, geothermal heat pumps, tankless water heaters, and low flush toilets make modular homes a viable alternative for all those who want to live in an eco-friendly manner.

    While building a modular home, you can insist on or look for builders who offer an energy efficient design. You can also ask and verify if they use sustainable, eco-friendly materials so that you own an inexpensive green home that is built faster than traditionally constructed homes.

  • Advantages of Affordable Living Apartments for Seniors

    Technological and scientific advancements are playing a huge role in increasing the life expectancy of men and women all over the world. In our country, there are over 40 million people who are aged 65 and above. It is normal that as one grows older, their activity levels and ability to perform routine tasks reduces or slows down. Along with that, after retirement, seniors have a limited amount of money to spend, and this is where affordable housing for seniors help.

    After retirement, when their priorities and lifestyle changes, seniors have many living options. Seniors can choose to live with their children or other family members and share the living costs with them; this is a win-win situation for both parties. While the youngsters can take advantage of the wisdom of their elders, seniors are not besieged by loneliness either. However, if living in a large house with the family is not a feasible possibility, one can consider shifting to one of the many affordable housing apartments for seniors available these days.

    Senior apartments are housing areas specifically created for people over the age of 65. That is, at least one of the residents of the house must be 65 years or older. There are many advantages of these affordable living apartments for seniors:

    • The rent is lower for these apartments. Additionally, residents also receive financial assistance for repairs and maintenance of the space.
    • Senior citizens can choose to share this space with others who are of the same age. This way, if they both have similar tastes and interests, then apart from having company, housekeeping tasks and monthly expenses can also be shared between the housemates.
    • On the other hand, seniors can age gracefully without any worries at affordable senior housing communities where people are employed to take care of housekeeping, preparing meals, and other such activities.
    • Without denting their retirement savings, these community living spaces allows seniors to pursue their goals and passions without any external obligations or responsibilities.
    • Whether it is wanting to go back to college to study a new subject, hiking in the mountains, exploring art galleries or listening to music concerts, whatever be their objective in their retirement years, senior living apartments lend a hand in assisting them.
    • For seniors who need skilled nursing care, the shift from assisted living facilities is accessible and more affordable too.
  • Top 4 benefits of moving into a mobile home

    Over the years, there has been an increase in the popularity of mobile homes. While the thought may seem appealing, the transition from a traditional home to a manufactured home can be intimidating. Mobile homes come in a slew of sizes, materials, and designs, making the choice quite daunting. Home buyers must round upon whether they would prefer to permanently or temporarily park their home and what location will it be.

    As with every change in life, moving to a mobile home comes with its own learning curve. However, there are several other advantages that can make the move worthwhile. Here are the top 4 benefits of moving into a mobile home.

    Simple living
    One of the major reasons that drive most people to live in mobile homes is the yearning for a simpler life. These manufactured homes abide by the concept of “less is more” and can bring about immense mental well-being. Moreover, mobile homes are much more compact in comparison with the traditional home, and they eliminate the need to worry about the heavy maintenance of the property.

    The most influencing factor for a getting mobile home is the high affordability. As compared with other kinds of homes, these homes are extremely low cost and offer the best bang for the buck. An average-sized mobile home can cost as much as approximately $45,000 whereas site-built homes begin at around $350,500. The disparity in cost is huge and this factor makes mobile homes an easier way to own a home.

    A sense of community
    Living in a mobile home also brings with it a great sense of community. Mobile homeowners enjoy their own space that extends from the driveway, detached walls, and the backyard; however, they are also well connected to the neighbors. This means social interactions are bountiful in land-lease communities that offer several ways to interact through fitness amenities, group activities, and more.

    Looking for sustainable living? Mobile homes are not only cost-saving but they also benefit the environment. These homes are reported to generate less waste; thus, they have a very low impact on the environment. The homes provide better energy-efficiency, are built with fewer materials, can be transported at a lower cost, and more.

  • Here’s how one can increase the value of their home

    Almost 70% of the homeowners believe that their residential property is their biggest asset. Therefore, maintaining it well in a competitive real estate market is a top priority for many. However, to enhance the value of a property for building equity or getting a better sale price, several owners end up splurging on unnecessary amenities or installations. So how can you decide what works? Continue reading to find out!

    First impressions might not be accurate; however, in real estate, they can definitely be a game-changer. Homeowners should ensure that their space doesn’t deliver an outdated vibe, particularly the areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Focusing on the aesthetics of the home doesn’t mean one indulges in luxury kitchen remodeling or upgrading media rooms. In other words, one doesn’t need to dish out on an extravagant kitchen remodeling consisting of stone countertops, custom cabinets, or commercial-grade appliances to make the cut. A kitchen remodeling capable of holding modern amenities or having the potential for customization would simply suffice. The same approach is to be taken for the bathroom. Adding decent flooring and upgraded fixtures can go a long way than fancy embellishments like designer fixtures or heated flooring.

    Prospective homebuyers also desire their new homes to be smart as well as secure. Therefore, one should consider installing intelligent technology in their property such as fire and gas detectors, door locks and lighting, security alarms and cameras, and thermostats.

    Homeowners should also pay close attention to the curb appeal, i.e., how the property looks from the exterior. Simply put, a home’s exterior look should motivate a prospective buyer to come inside and take a look. While making changes, the paint of the exterior walls and a well-maintained landscape are two things that should make it to the homeowner’s upgrade checklist.

    Likewise, homeowners should attempt to make their property low-maintenance. Any prospective buyer will shy away from the option of quoting on a property that needs major maintenance work, especially related to plumbing, wiring, roof, HVAC system, or kitchen remodeling. Therefore, before putting up the property for sale, homeowners should get the necessary improvements and repairs done to increase their prospects and home value.

    Lastly, having an energy-efficient property can vastly contribute to the appeal; however, one should only consider getting upgrades such as double-pane windows, efficient appliances, enhanced attic insulation, or LED lightings for a quick boost in the home value. Homeowners installing eco-friendly technologies like solar panels should be aware that it will help in the long-term, but it might not instantly increase the home value. Since they’re dealing with big investments, financially as well as structurally, homeowners should think their decision through before getting a house.

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