• How to Make Your Small Room Appear Bigger

    How to Make Your Small Room Appear Bigger

    People living in busy cities generally stay in apartments instead of houses and villas to save on rent and bills. These days, with the boom in real estate, the apartments have become smaller and the rents have become higher. Small apartments have small living rooms and even smaller bedrooms. This can be quiet challenging for some people especially when it comes to storage, furniture and home dcor. There are various ways in which you can make your small room appear bigger and here are a few tips to help you –

    1. Window Sizes
      Long ‘French’ windows that start from the ceiling till the floor add more height to the rooms. The long curtains add more height to the room as well. Apart from that, long windows air out the room keeping it well ventilated. If your room has a low ceiling, these types of windows will make your ceiling appear higher as well.
    2. Storage Bed and Sofas
      Always choose beds and sofas that have an in-built storage to store all the excess household items like winter clothes, extra utensils, old clothes, cutlery etc. This allows you to keep your corners free rather than building a separate cabinet for storing these items.
    3. Electronic Items
      Ensure your TV is fitted to the wall instead of building a separate cabinet to place the TV on. Skip the floor speakers and invest in good Atlantic satellite speaker stands to hold your satellite speakers. These save space and allow you to freely move around your house. You can also place the small satellite speakers on brackets the top corners of the wall for that extra bass and volume.
    4. Home Dcor
      Keep the home dcor to a minimum as too many wall hangings will make the room appear smaller than it actually is. When decorating a small room, it is important to leave negative spaces on the walls as this adds extra depth and height to the walls. Use bright dcor instead of dark grungy dcor to add more light and color to your small room. Ensure your home dcor does not get in the way of your speakers on the Altantic satellite speaker stands as this will end up distorting the sound.
    5. Mirrors
      Using mirrors is another way of adding more dimension and depth to a small room. You can place decorative mirror pieces on the walls of your living room so that when the light hits them, they add more depth and brightness to the room. You can use mirrors on the doors of your wardrobe as well to add more dimension to your small bedrooms. Long mirrors not only work great for making a room appear bigger, they are great for viewing your entire outfit in one go as well!
    6. Color Scheme
      Using pastels, light colors and more of white in the room adds more light to it. This makes your room appear bigger unlike dark colors which don’t bounce off any light and make the room appear smaller than it actually is.
  • Effective precautions to take when painting your bathroom

    Bathrooms are one of the most important areas of a household; these need to be kept clean not only for great interiors but also for preventing the spread of any diseases. A clean bathroom is essential for the well-being of every person living inside the house. Moreover, when it comes to the work of bathroom painting, special care needs to be taken to ensure that not only your bathroom looks stylish but is also clean from any pathogens.

    The guide below will provide the much-needed precautions to follow, so that bathroom painting does not become a headache, but a smooth process. Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below;

    Precautions to take while painting your bathroom

    Covering all the essentials

    Once you have decided to give your bathroom a makeover, make sure to include the necessary fittings that include taps, sink, and shower. This will ensure that no additional time or hard work is required after the entire bathroom has been painted.

    Protect the floor

    Make sure to cover the bathroom floor with a suitable plastic sheet or an old cloth to avoid dropped paint from spilling on the entire floor. Paint stains are the hardest to clean, especially when they cling to marble tiles installed on the bathroom floor.

    Remove the Mould

    With passing time, damp air might settle on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom area. If this is ignored in the long run, then high humidity levels can lead to the growth of mold. This will make it further challenging to paint the bathroom with the mold sticking to the surface. Hence, make sure to take care of this issue with the various mold removal products available with paint stores to completely stop its growth in the future as well.

    Prepare the bathroom

    One of the important parts of providing the best bathroom painting job is to prepare. It is advised to lay a proper foundation before using paint on the surface or going for a wallpaper. This will help catch any issues including wall cracks in advance.

    Utilize a Primer

    Always remember to use a primer to prepare the surface before applying the paint on the surface. This provides an additional layer of protection and also plays a pivotal role in helping the color settle on the bathroom surface.

    Avoid installing a Wallpaper

    Bathroom wallpapers were a trend during the early 20th century, but the modern day bathroom facilities might not support installing a wallpaper. This is because in case humidity settles on the wallpaper, it will reduce the bonding agent strength and tear the wallpaper off the bathroom wall.

    It is advised to use a vinyl wallcovering as these come with an additional layer made of paper or fiber. These have a printed pattern along with a plastic covering layer to provide wiping protection.

  • Top 6 tips for choosing the best bathroom paint

    Bathrooms are a sacred space in the entire household; however, a majority of homeowners undermine the small yet pivotal role a bathroom plays in the entire household. Hence, it is essential that proper care is taken to ensure that your bathroom space also looks the same as your house, .i.e. clean and classy. There has been an increase in trend of getting the bathroom area of the house painted to announce your style.

    There are a few easy-to-follow guidelines on how the task of bathroom painting can be accomplished without much hassle. To ensure that you do the best bathroom painting job, refer to the steps mentioned in the manual below;

    Guide to choosing the best bathroom paint

    This is an easy-to-follow guide on how to give the bathroom space a more massive appearance and stylish look. Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below;

    Prefer Light Colors

    One of the best ways to paint your bathroom and make it appear larger is to avoid too bright colors. Light colors make the space seem open and airy and also helps increase the effect of natural light. Hence, always opt for light colors that include graceful variations of green, blue, and pink and yellow.

    Keep an even tone

    The entire bathroom need not be painted with a single color layer. If you are looking to get a small sized bathroom look like a larger room, keep all colors of the same tone. The reason is that light colors on walls look great and in case a bathroom has dark tiles then the colors will not stand out, which is not what anyone wants.

    Mix both tile and wall color

    When looking to get the bathroom painted, it is advisable to blend both the tile and wall color. This will make the entire bathroom appear to be one big continuous space.

    Paint parallel stripes to make it wider

    Some bathrooms have tall ceilings with little to no space around them; this is where the same eye principle will apply. Hence, painting horizontal stripes will provide the bathroom space a more substantial appearance.

    Use the same color for the ceiling and wall

    There has been an increase in trend of using bright colors for painting ceiling and walls of the bathroom. However, there is an issue with small bathrooms having low ceilings. Dark colors for the ceiling will make it appear low. At all costs, avoid using white color and make sure to choose the same color for both the ceiling and wall.

    Create a statement or style wall

    Always make sure to choose a color that goes perfectly with the rest of the bathroom. Do not go ahead and pick black color, this might be a style wall but still has to blend in with the rest of the bathroom.

  • Wall light selection guide for your home

    Do you lack the desired brightness in your home even after installing multiple lights? Does your home has a drab look, and you want ideas for improving the lighting effect in the rooms? The lighting scheme of a home has a significant role in determining overall aesthetic value. Therefore, you should always have a proper guide for home lighting. Whether you use wall or ceiling lights, or even floor lamps, it is important to determine the decoration theme of each room before purchasing lights or fixtures. When purchasing new lights, you need to know which fixtures suit which room. For an intelligent lighting plan, you can follow some simple points mentioned below:

    • Suspended lights in the living room
      Wall lights are not always enough for your living rooms. Although you can use them for regular days, you can always have suspended lights for special occasions or gatherings. These new lights have become extremely popular nowadays for their trendy yet elegant look. The best part is that even though they have the power to brighten a wide space, they are quite sleek and do not occupy much space.
    • Bedroom lights
      To remove the dullness from your bedroom and give it the desired warmth, you can opt for recessed fixtures. When it comes to bedroom lights, it is wise to get a mixed set of lamps. While some lamps need to offer brighter light, others should have a soft feel. Having a mixed lighting scheme will allow you to change the brightness as per your requirements. If you have enough space for a bedside table, it will be ideal for you to get a bedside lamp. A bedside lamp can certainly enhance the beauty of your bedroom to a great extent.
    • Children’s room
      Step into the shoes of your kids before selecting any lighting idea for their room. Always note a point that kids mostly prefer to play in their own room, even if they have a separate room for playing. Therefore, the room should have enough light to let them play conveniently. The new lights should reach every corner of the room. Special care should be given if the rooms do not receive enough natural light during daytime. Yet, you cannot also ignore the low lights completely.

    Besides your bedrooms and living room, you should give equal importance when selecting new lights for your kitchen. The kitchen lights you select need to be functional as well as trendy for making a better impression. To ease the work of light selection, you can always take the help of an expert in this field.

  • Wall and floor lights available online

    Home lighting, which is often undermined while decorating a new home, actually plays a great role in determining the feel of the house. Your lights not only need to match with the interior decoration theme of the house but also should suit your different moods. The lamps and shades that you purchase need to offer the required brightness for smooth functioning, and at the same time, it should not be harsh to your eyes. Whether they are wall lights or floor lamps, you need to consider a few varieties of choices before placing an order. Finding recessed lighting or hall lights require much time. However, if you do not have the time to visit multiple stores, you can always search online.

    Nowadays, there are several online stores that sell different types of floor lamps or hall lights; you just need to browse through them on your suitable time to learn about the choices. When you’re searching for recessed lighting ideas online, do note the decoration theme of your house and set your preferences appropriately. This will help you avoid confusion regarding a purchase. You can also acquire the best piece within a short span of time.

    When searching online for hall or bedroom lights, it is important to be aware of the different choices available. Browse through a few websites to find the right designs and colors. Be sure to keep track of voltage consumption to get the best value for the money. LED lamps are an equally good choice for new floor lamps and wall lights.

    Last but not the least, when purchasing recessed lighting materials or bedroom lights online, carefully check for safety features. Not all stores mention the details, so before placing your order, you should ensure that you have every detail of the purchase. It is also recommended to check brands known for flawless safety features.

    Proper selection of light is necessary for any section of the house. Whether it is indoor or outdoor lighting, you should make your decision with equal expertise. There is no dearth of designs for hall or floor lights. Therefore, you should decide not only on the basis of money but also its surrounding aspects.

  • Benefits of using LED table lights

    Lamps, LED bulbs other lighting accessories are something that we cannot miss, they are very indispensable for the day to day functioning of life. Browse E-Stores and discover a range of lighting options, choose the lights or lighting fittings that best suits your tastes, preferences. There are wholesale suppliers of table lights that you can find online. You get a variety of lighting options to choose from the wholesale suppliers of table lights or other lights at cost-effective prices. LED lights are the best that you can select for indoor use. These lighting equipment scores over the other lighting stuff because they are energy saving and durable.

    • Uses of LED bulbs
      LED bulbs are used for table lights and lamps. Unlike the incandescent lamps, these are energy saving, are less expensive, gives better illumination, is less costly. The different e-stores selling the LED lamps offer the products to the customers at attractive discounts. If you are looking to invest on LED lights, table lamps then visit the website selling these items; you can shop the products by category, by lighting fixtures, by brand, by price, the discounts that the e-stores offer, seller name. If they are available, then you can make the best deal for money by choosing and buying the items that best suit your needs and preferences.
    • Get the best lighting products online
      In e-stores like Amazon, you get to choose from a wide range of products of some of the top brands in the lighting industry. You can choose from LED bulbs, CFL lamps, emergency lights, tube lights, table lights, desk lamps, night lamps and decorative lights. You can also choose different lighting fittings according to your needs or requirements, and you can choose chandeliers, ceiling lights, hanging lights, wall lights. For indoor lighting, you get clip lights, desk lights, emergency lights, lamp bases, fixtures, lamp shades, light bulbs, standing lights, table lamps, tube lights and batten, table lights, lamps, bases, and shades.
    • Tips for buying lighting products online
      While buying your favorite product online, there are a few things that you may need to follow, and they include setting your priorities and requirements, checking the product reviews, product prices, comparing the prices if needed to ensure best deals for the money. Avail products at discounted prices from the e-stores which offer them, save money, simultaneously get better illumination. Online shopping is popular these days as it is simple, convenient, effortless, offers the customer to choose from a wide range of products, avail table lights and other lighting equipment at discounted prices, save money, save energy and get the best deal for the money. Many e-stores offer free shipment of the products, and thus the customers get the products of their choice without any hassle.
  • How to decorate using strip and track lighting

    Strip lights have become gained extreme popularity in the modern world because of their commercial availability in the market at comparatively reasonable prices. Today, the level of awareness has increased, and people have started investing in the right products. Strip lights installed in hotels are inspiring homeowners who are now investing in these products to enhance the glam quotient of their houses. The market has inflated dramatically due to the ease of availability and installation as well as the numerous options provided by brands. Moreover, the style statement of individuals has gone up who now want professionalized looks of their private apartments.

    • Track lighting is another such system that is characterized by multiple lights affixed to the ceiling to facilitate varied illumination. Track lighting system is composed of two major components namely the track and the head. The track is the base that consists of electrical parts connecting the lights to the wiring of the house. The track defines the area up to which the heads from which the actual light is emitted can be attached. The head consists of the lamp and the sockets that associate it to the electrical parts of the track.
    • Modern track lighting systems have taken the shape of chandeliers containing multiple pendant light bulbs that serve as a beautiful accessory in the house. The entire system is based on the hot and neutral conductors which are strips made of copper. These are supposed to be placed in specific positions inside the track to make the track lighting system functional for which it is ideal to hire the services of an electrical expert. Once the complex part has been done, you can do the styling of the heads according to the intensity of light required.

    More often than not, track lighting is installed in areas where the flow of traffic is intended and where specific attention is to be drawn. It is advisable to place the heads at a considerable height to allow effective spreading of light as well as prevent the head from hitting the individual, particularly while standing. One important aspect to be considered is that the track lighting system should be purchased as a whole. This means that the track of one brand should be accompanied by the head of the same brand only since they are mostly constructed in a manner to complement one another.

    Therefore, both strip lights and track lighting systems can help you in recreating the ambiance of the house through exciting combinations. While strip lights may be more colorful than track lights, they are both effective in drifting away from the mainstream lighting style that is normally adopted in houses. Always choose lights by the area and material that has to be lit to avoid off combinations.

  • Why you should buy strip lights

    Ever thought of placing lights in your room at a position you thought was impossible to reach? Lighting experts have found a way to help you realize your dream by launching strip lights. Strip lights are easy solutions to lend a colorful look to a particular region using small parts of LEDs that can be stuck anywhere. These lights can be easily curved up to an angle of ninety degrees so that they can be applied in every nook and corner effortlessly. Some flexible strip lights are equipped with a color changing feature which adds that quirky element to the room.

    The best part about strip lights is that they can be chopped off to varying length to accommodate any form of creativity. Moreover, the fine shape of these lights facilitates their placement even in the most confined corners instantly stepping up the style quotient. Most of the times, they are strategically placed to hide the circuit board and allow refection of light alone. The installation of strip lights is child’s play quite literally since they just have to be peeled off and pasted on the said area.

    If you feel that these LED lights are too bright for your liking or do not gel with the subtle theme of your room, there is an answer to that as well. The intensity of these lights can be easily controlled using dimmers allowing you to get the perfect level of brightness as per the occasion. Most brands allow customization of strip lights so that you can satisfy your innovation levels. Strip lights can be used to stylize bathroom accents, cabinets, and shelves. You would have also seen these lights in commercial areas such as hotels, bars and restaurants, store displays, product displays, signboards and cove regions.

    Brands also offer full-fledged kits comprising of lights, connectors, adapters, switches, wires and terminals for easy placement and track lighting as well as maintenance of strip lights. Although, all kits come with a set of instructions which are to be thoroughly followed, however, it is essential to consult an electrician before involving yourself in any such project. There are a few simple steps that should be undertaken to put up strip lights which include:

    • Before actually beginning the process, test all the items from the kit to ensure that all of them are functioning properly.
    • Measure the dimensions of the area where you plan to put strip lights and then cut them accordingly.
    • Try those lights using a power unit before actually installing them and once the testing procedure is successful, affix them to the desired surface.
    • You may want to connect them to a dimmer if you wish to alter the lighting later on.
      Voila! The strip lights are ready to use for any unique purpose.