• Tips to help you design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams

    The designs or layouts of a modular outdoor kitchen have different types of patterns. After choosing a suitable location, the real fun starts with designing your dream kitchen. However, the layout of your outdoor kitchen should be created before buying any appliances. You should ensure to settle down for a plan to accommodate everything so that working in an outdoor kitchen can be smoother.

    The kitchen triangle is quite popular in this regard and it’s very much simple. The shape of the triangle is formed by a freezer or refrigerator, a cooktop, and a sink in a typical outdoor kitchen design. It’s important to calculate the leg of the triangle which mustn’t be beyond 10 feet and, moreover, there should be no obstruction in between the triangle in the form of cabinets, etc. This regulation is easy to maintain in a modular outdoor kitchen as it’s made in a smaller area.

    One can consider the idea of a kitchen triangle while finalizing the ultimate design. In case of large-size prefab outdoor kitchens with appliances and equipment, one may need to adjust the design and layout accordingly to provide unobstructed access to the main areas for cooking, storage, and cleaning up.

    If you are designing outdoor kitchen plans for the first time, fret not! It’s pretty much similar to the indoor one. The determinants include the style and degree of cooking, necessary space to get everything done, and obviously the budget. Here are a few outdoor kitchen ideas for your consideration.

    Kitchen island: This one is undoubtedly one of the most common outdoor kitchen designs that helps place all important appliances in one main unit. A kitchen island is budget friendly and popular for entertainment purposes with socializing zones.

    Straight-line kitchen: This is somewhat equivalent to the kitchenette of the indoor one and it’s set against one wall. If you have a smaller space to cook and want a pocket-friendly design, then this one is really useful. Do remember to select non-combustible things for safeguarding the siding as it’s set against the wall.

    U-shaped kitchen: Do you have a sufficiently large space to accommodate a sink, freezer, bar, grill, and so on? Then you can go for this type of kitchen layout.

    When you are planning to estimate the area layout for your prefab or modular outdoor kitchen, ensure to keep certain things, such as the following, in mind.
    – The landing space to the left and right of the grill or pizza oven must be 12″ at one side and twice of its size on the other.
    – When it comes to the cooktop or burner, the landing space must be 12″ on either side. If it’s about the sink, then the area should be 18″ on either side of the sink.
    – As far as the area of the under-counter freezer is concerned, a space of 15″ can be divided in between the sink area and the cooking zone.
    – As a whole, the basic and minimum area to work in an outdoor kitchen can be around 36″ W x 24″ D.
    – For the storage option, at least 21″ of space is okay for straight storing.

  • Design your living space with stainless steel home appliances

    Paired with premium features and extraordinary designs, nowadays stainless steel home appliances are a great alternative to other conventional home appliances. With unique designs molded with shiny coatings, mainly black stainless steel appliances make a bold statement and at the same time of complement your living space. Furthermore, detailed attractive features together with satin-textured handles balance these delicately brushed metals of any black stainless appliances. Even, the paint-shielded finish of each of these home appliances easily resists any sorts of smudges or fingerprints, and so your every home appliance stays in a remarkable condition for years.

    Today, the surfaces of the most popular home appliances of stainless steel are annealed. However, different home appliances manufacturers offer varieties of other exceptional finishes, such as brushed, patterned, polished, and much more. Among all, grit line is a relatively new rolled design that appears like a highly polished surface and thus provides a higher corrosion resistance. With patterning finish, different home appliance manufacturers have achieved different enhanced combinations of function as well as design. Some of the standard designs are linen, micro linen, laser, haze, leather grain, square, diamond, etc. Besides, you can find a large variety of stainless steel home appliances with patterned surfaces, each with reflective and glossy effects.

    Some of the most common advantages of using stainless steel home appliances include the following

    • Stainless steel appliances possess a unique artistic look and are sturdy too.
    • These appliances are extremely easy to clean.
    • Stainless steel appliances don’t suffer from problems like discoloration or staining.
    • The appliances are resistant to corrosion, and thus surfaces are highly durable and last long for several years.

    Easy way to clean home appliances of stainless steel
    Stainless steel appliances are not only known for its ability to resist corrosion and rust but also are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Thus, these home appliances are the most popular choice to be used in kitchens or bathrooms.Dust, grease, or dirt may put your stainless steel appliances and can alter their look. Also, water stains or fingerprints tend to ruin the surfaces of stainless steel dishwashers, oven, refrigerators, or chimney. In order to keep your stainless steel appliances clean in a secure manner you just need to use simple home remedies with water, white vinegar, lemon juices, olive oil, etc. without spending money for any expensive products. If you are using commercial cleaning agents, ensure that they are free of any harsh chemicals that can harm the surface of your stainless steel home appliances.

    If you are planning to buy a stainless steel home or kitchen appliances, then consider top-selling brands like Bosch, Thermador, Miele, GE, Whirlpool, Viking, Kenmore, etc.

  • How to make your house entryway look great

    For a smart homeowner, the entry way is an opportunity for creating a good first impression. It often reflects the personality of the owner, and it also gives an idea of what to expect inside. So,how to create an uncluttered and organized entry way?

     Keep the entryway uncluttered:

    If you want your entryway inviting and organized, you should keep it clear of clutter. When the way remains cluttered, the first impression is gone, and everything looks chaotic. You need to remove everything that makes the place look cluttered. Cluttered appearance makes you as well as the guests feel overwhelmed. Everybody should get an inviting ambiance, and it can be achieved by placing elegant and stylish entryway furniture.

    Choose storage solutions that go well with space:

    If you own a large space, you can make use of large entryway furniture pieces. Placing an armoire in a large entry is not a bad idea, and it can be described as a nice way for housing outdoor wear umbrellas, boots, and other related items. If you do not have the luxury of a large space, you can select a single table or bench equipped with storage compartments.

    Focus on providing the correct flow:

    You need to encourage flow through the entry way. No house owner wants to make the guest feel bored and uninterested, and the energy must be allowed to follow in a natural way. The correct flow can be achieved using the right artwork, mirrors, and lighting. When you make use these types of things effectively, you can guide your visitors through the entry way effortlessly.

    Never undermine the importance of color:

    You just cannot forget about color. The color conveys a lot, and you must use the effective utilization of the color to create a positive feeling in the minds of the visitors. The most common entryway furniture colors are blue and yellow because they offer a clean, whimsical and light ambiance. At the meantime; these colors are modern and sophisticated as well. If you are not interested in creating bright, colorful walls, you can think about accent pieces. The storage bins can be painted under a table for adding color.

    If you are trying to create an inviting and organized entryway furniture space, you must look for these types of creative solutions. Proper placement of the entry way furniture is an important aspect, and you must do everything to make the entry way space uncluttered. The storage solutions need to compliment the space available, and it is always advisable to use the most suitable colors to make the entry way welcoming for the guests.

    Good entryways always make guests feel welcomed when they are stepping through the door.

  • Tips to find the ideal shower bases

    Planning to renovate your old bathroom? You want to give a complete makeover to the bathroom and are looking for the latest amenities? Whether you are decorating the bathroom of your new house or getting the old one renovated, you cannot afford any mistake in this process. Every accessory that you select for the bathroom has to be worthy and increase functionality. Whether it is the tap or the shower, sink or the faucet, shower curtain or the shower curtain rods, each and everything needs to be picked with due care. When you are decorating a bathroom, you need to be quite cautious about the selection of shower bases. Finding the right shower base can be easy if you follow some simple tips.

    Size of your bathroom- Space saving is the main idea behind the installation of shower bases. However, that does not mean, only bathrooms with small area need these bases. You can also use it in spacious bathrooms as well. You need to measure the area carefully. The base that you select should be in sync with the area of the bathroom as well as the area that covers the top shower. An excessively large size base will not only waste the space but also it will dampen the look of your bathroom.

    Full resistance- Nowadays, you can find different types of shower bases for bathrooms. However, that does not mean, picking just any of them will be a good choice. Be it an acrylic base or a tiles base or ceramic one, you should ensure that the user will not trip and fall while bathing. Particular care should be given if children or elderly will use the base.

    Scratch resistance- The shower base that you install for your bathroom can turn ugly with multiple scratches on it and may seek a frequent replacement. If you do not want to waste your money in frequently replacing the shower bases, you should go for the scratchresistance models as these will retain their newness for a prolonged period.

    Budget and preference- Last but not the least, when purchasing shower bases or shower curtain rods you should also give due importance to the money that you spend for the purpose. Though these are important, it does not mean, you will compromise with the other necessities. Therefore, before browsing through the types of shower bases, make sure to determine your budget. Also, give importance to your personal preference and purchase the one that you find the best.

    Nowadays, shower bases and other accessories such as shower curtains and shower curtain rods are available online. You can purchase any of them and get the best piece without leaving the comfort of your home. Yes, make sure to place the order carefully.

  • Purchasing the best bathroom suites online

    Introduction of the online stores has eased the lives of people to some significant extent. Everything from pin to the pan is now available online, and you just need to select the right store for placing your order. Bathroom suites are also not an exception, and you can conveniently shop for them from any web portal. However, if you are hesitating to make the purchase and need some help with the selection of store or suites, you can take note of a few suggestions listed below:

    Get a reputed store and reputed brand- A bathroom suite is something that you will be using for years. It is the complete set of accessories that anyone needs to have in the restroom. That is why it is always recommended to purchase from the experts of the field. Though you can find several online stores offering these products, you should go to the one, which has received the best review in the field. Apart from the reputation of the store, you should also make sure to get the purchase done by a renowned brand. Getting the items from a local brand may make you compromise with the look or functionality of the item.

    Set your requirements well- When you are purchasing suites for your bathroom online, you should list down your preferences well. This will help you in easy decision making by streamlining the search. Decide on the type, color as well as the material of the suite items. Also get the measurements and layouts planned before purchasing if you want the area to be completely functional. An improper measurement or layout planning can make you compromise with the functionality of the suite. So, place your order carefully.

    Delivery time and terms- Before placing an order to an online store, you should ensure that it offers delivery in your area. Once you are assured of that, you need to check the time that they need for delivering the item to your home. Go for the ones, which require lesser time for shipping the items. To make the best use of your money, you should always make your purchase from a store which offers free shipping of products. Also, it is recommended to note the return or exchange policy of the store in case of any damaged product. Always place your order in a store, which offers transparent shopping as well as shipping policies.

    Purchasing bathroom suites online is not at all a tough job if you can place your order intelligently. Getting these items online not only saves your time but also saves your money as the online stores offer cheaper deals than the brick and mortar stores. And yes, they do not compromise on quality.

  • Selecting bathroom suites is simple

    Selecting bathroom accessories can be a tough job. It is even trickier to get bathroom suites for your home. A bathroom suite includes each and everything that an individual might require. Therefore, making a little mistake with the selection of these suites can lead to a compromise in the functionality of your bathroom. If you are intending to buy these suites and need proper assistance for the job, the following few tips might be helpful.

    Know your bathroom well- This is the first and foremost thing that you need to note when you are looking for full-functional suites. Know the measurements of the restroom thoroughly and search for something that can fit into the area. To get the right one, it is always recommended to consult with the store professionals and let them know about the area measurements for suites installation. They will guide you with the suites that can match with the area of the restroom and you can easily make your pick.

    Planning the layout- A bathroom suite can be functional only when you install each of them in the right place. That is why it is essential to plan the layout of the area before making the purchase. Consult with your plumber and designate an area for doors, windows, radiators, water inlet pipes as well as waste outlet pipes. Make a sketch of it when you go for shopping so that you can place everything in the desired manner.

    Quality is important- Getting the right type and appropriately sized bathroom suite is important. However, you cannot undermine the quality factor. Every item included in the suite should be of good quality or else it will not offer you the desired longevity. You can always inquire about the quality of the items while making the purchase. Apart from that, you can check the reviews of the brand that you have decided to install. Never get lured by cheap deals as these often compromise with the quality and make you replace the suites within a few years of installing.

    Delivery and installation- Last but not the least, you need to check whether the store offers you delivery and installation service. Getting items for your bathroom suite damaged is not something unusual. Therefore, it is always recommended to get suites from stores, which offer delivery to your doorstep and will compensate for any damage done while delivering. Also, it will be better to get the installation done by the professionals of the company. In case, you cannot get the installation done by the company; you need to appoint experienced professionals for the job.

    A bathroom suite can make a significant impact on its beauty. Yes, it should also be affordable on your budget as well.

  • Factors to understand about bypass shower doors

    When deciding on the perfect types of glass doors for your bathtub, there are some factors that should be kept in mind. And yes, there are several types of shower doors to choose from. Some pick, based merely on their functionality, while other people want their shower door to look modern and pleasant. Amongst all these choices, there is a type of shower door which is very suitable for high functionality and space efficiency. Probably that is the reason which makes the bypass shower door trendy. They pack a lot of advantages, and a few disadvantages as well. Both these aspects can be considered before installing a bypass shower door. Most of the times it will be quite suitable for a standard bathtub. However, there might be some specific preferences of some people which may render these doors not very ideal.

    In bypass shower doors, two glass doors usually overlay. They slide or roll over each other. Hence, saving on space. They look good, and are space efficient as well. These doors are most suitable for those who are not willing to go through a complex or time-consuming installation process. Bypass doors are very easy to install. Moreover, these can be easily found in any home improvement store. This makes the procurement and installation both very simple for bypass shower doors. Sometimes, people may also not be very willing to spend a lot on shower doors. Bypass doors as quite economical in this sense, as well as low-cost units of bypass doors, can be easily found. These doors usually come with towel hangers, adding on to their utility. The advantages mentioned above make bypass shower doors a preferable door when one is looking for utility, efficient use of space and space saving. These aspects make bypass shower doors most economical on more occasions than one.

    As much as the installation cost and effort is cheap, the maintenance may not provide similar prospects. This is because the lower track of bypass shower doors may collect water frequently and it requires cleaning all the more frequently. This makes an effort needed to maintain the shower doors expansively. Moreover, the rolling or sliding of glass panels does not remain the same over time. Usually, after some time of usage, there is a natural obstruction caused by the sliding of doors. It may also cost some to maintain this functionality of bypass shower doors. So, if someone wants to install shower doors as an improvement in the house, but is not willing to put in much of an effort to maintain the same, it is better not to consider bypass shower doors as an option. Otherwise, a little effort is all that is needed to maintain bypass shower doors.

  • Ideas on picking bathroom accessories

    A clean, tidy, well-organized bathroom with good lighting and accessories is one of the good ways to start the day on a good note. This is also one of the main reasons why people like to spend their money on bathroom furnishings, fittings and bathroom accessories like bath trays and bathroom wall decals to make the space in the bathroom look good. The primary function of these bathroom accessories and wall decals is also to add aesthetic value to the space and make it easy on the eyes. One thought that everyone faces when designing a bathroom or adding new designs like bathroom wall decals and other bathroom accessories is the best place to buy all this from. Bath trays, for example, are good ways to save space and help organize a bathroom, while bathroom wall decals help beautify open areas and walls to make for tidy areas to place toiletries inside a bathroom, instead of having to make extra space elsewhere in the house.

    In terms of decorations, it is essential to have an aesthetic sense of what will and will not look good in a closed space like a bathroom. Regarding bathroom trays, it is important to measure the sizes that would be appropriate for the said bathroom and concerning bathroom wall decals, one must think of the color of the walls of the bathroom, the furnishings the color or metal of the taps, etc.

    It is essential to walk through some given markets and identify the available options for bathroom trays and bathroom wall decals that work with the colors and aesthetics of the bathroom. One needs to consider all the kinds of bathroom accessories like bathroom trays and bathroom wall decals available in the market before making a selection based on what suits the lifestyle needs.

    Bathroom trays are a versatile accessory that can help store toiletries like candles, toothbrushes, spare soaps, fragrances, small towels, etc. A bathroom looks good when things are arranged systematically and do not take up excessive space. The organization is key to a nice, clean, fancy bathroom.

    Some questions to ask before purchasing any kind of bathroom accessories include:

    Will the bathroom tray or wall decal fit the bathroom properly?

    Will the bathroom tray or bathroom wall decal take up excessive space?

    Does the bathroom accessory suit the set budget for the purpose?

    Is the quality of the material of the bathroom accessories worth the money that is being paid?

    Do the bathroom accessories like bathroom decals and bathroom trays fit the decor needs of the individual who will be using the bathroom space?

    It is therefore essential to know what suits the individual needs of the person using the bathroom.