• Guidelines to buy the right fitness tracker for your needs

    The market is flooded with options and models for those of us looking to buy a fitness tracker. While the earlier trackers tracked only steps and sleeping patterns, the newer versions come with features like GPS, heart rate monitors, sensors, and smartphone notifications to keep track of your fitness on a constant basis. So, if you are looking for the right fitness tracker to suit your needs, check out a few pointers that can help you in your search.

    Wearable design
    The earlier versions of fitness and activity trackers had to be wrapped around the wrist. If you prefer an alternate option, you will find the newer versions of these devices, which come in sleeker designs, including dongles, or clips that can be worn on your clothing or pendants that can be worn around your neck. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors and features like waterproofing, with some fitness trackers taking the appearance of an ordinary watch as well.

    Opt for a fitness tracker that comes with a built-in display to show the time as well as your fitness goals, without necessarily opening an app. This is an added plus in case you opt for a tracker that gives you notifications on when, where, and how to work out. Though a fitness tracker with a built-in display may rake up some extra cash, it is a worthy investment, if you are serious about investing in a tracker that you can use for a long term.

    Interpretation of heart rate
    Different fitness trackers track and interpret heart rate in different ways. While some measure heart rate on a 24/7 basis and give a note of the resting heart rate after the wearer wakes up, some trackers come with a 24/7 heart rate tracker, bpm monitor, and live exercise monitors to quantify your fitness goals. Also there are some other fitness and activity trackers that monitor your heart and breathing rates together to determine stress and anxiety levels.

    Amount of data they provide
    Sleeping and steps taken by an individual are the most basic features offered by almost every fitness tracker you can find in the market. The tracker you choose to buy must be in lieu with the amount of data you need from it. For instance, some trackers can keep notes on your workout sessions, providing different notifications and guidelines for different forms of exercises like swimming, walking, cycling, etc. However, know that you will need to inform your tracker about your actions every time for the latter to work efficiently. For instance, you will need to tap the tracker a specific number of times to change it to the activity mode.

    Battery life
    Battery life plays an important role in determining the fitness tracker for your needs. Some fitness trackers need to be charged every few days, which may become problematic if you want your fitness regime tracked on a constant basis and find the device running out of charge in the middle of a workout. The more common trackers fit into two categories those that are charged via a USB cable every five or six days and those that use a cell battery, which provides a charge for a couple of months.

  • Fitness trends that are here to stay

    Fitness is an ever evolving industry where trends tend to change rapidly. In the recent years, we witnessed the emergence of several trends that took fitness freaks around the world by a storm. However, only few of them were good enough to survive and be relevant to fitness enthusiasts presently and in the coming future. A list of fitness trends that are here to stay finds mention below.

    Strength training
    Gone are the days when many individuals, especially women, used to avoid strength training. With increased awareness regarding the benefits including boosting longevity, protection against diabetes, back pain, building muscle mass, and more that strength training offers, a growing number of people now rely on it to stay healthy and fit. In addition to this, the major reason responsible for strength training’s popularity is that women have now realized that lifting total gym weights does not necessarily makes them bulky. Rather, it is a great way to burn fat and boost metabolism.

    Well-informed and seasoned fitness professionals
    Reaching individual fitness goals becomes much easier when you workout under the supervision and guidance of an educated and experienced professional. In recent years, the number of such personal trainers has seen a drastic rise. These trainers offer tailored guidance to fitness freaks, which enables them to achieve their goals rapidly.

    Wearable technology
    A few years ago, wearable technology was introduced to the fitness freaks. It includes fitness and activity trackers, such as smartwatches, heart rate monitors, smart eyeglasses designed to show maps and fitness activity, and GPS tracking devices. Although it has been a few years since wearable technology surfaced, this particular fitness trend is certainly here to stay. People love flaunting their wearable fitness gadgets that enable them to keep a track of their daily fitness activity. Fit bit, Pebble Time, Basis, Misfit, Garmin, and Jawbone are the names that have built a formidable reputation as leading providers of wearable fitness technology.

    High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    Due to the quick results that HIIT programs offer, they have become popular and will surely stay that way. The training program is all about short intervals of intense activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery. This type of workout can be ideal for people who have busy schedules and find it tough to spare time for time intensive workouts. However, HIIT training is not meant for every individual but for those who are in good shape. The reason behind is that these exercises demand great strength to eliminate body injuries while using total gym equipment. Additionally, those in good shape also need to be well prepared for performing these high-intensity workouts.

    Body weight training
    Body weight training, a leading fitness trend, is not only restricted to sit-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups. Rather, it refers to any form of resistance training based entirely on your own body-weight. You can follow this fitness routine either at home or at the gym.

    So, not all fitness trends are meant for you. To ensure that you follow the right one, consult your health practitioner.

  • Here’s how you can keep a tab on your physical fitness

    BMI or body mass index, is the measure of body fat with respect to your height and weight. It is important to get your BMI checked, as it is responsible for your physical fitness. It is applicable for everyone over the age of 20.

    BMI was derived from a mathematical formula. It was formulated in the 1830s by Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet (1796-1874). He was a Belgian mathematician, astronomer, statistician, and sociologist. BMI is a number that denotes the amount of fat that is present in the body divided by weight in kilograms by height in meters squared. You can measure your BMI using a BMI calculator.

    Here’s how you can calculate your BMI!
    BMI = weight(kg) / height2 (m2) (Metric Units)
    BMI = 703*weight(lb) / height2 (in2) (U.S. Units)

    Why it is important to know your BMI?
    Knowing your BMI could help a doctor determine your overall fitness and your risk of developing chronic diseases. It helps one categore themselves into 3 basic states of fitness. BMI calculator helps one determine whether you are underweight, average/ideal or overweight/ obese

    It is different for each gender!
    It is possible for two people to have the same BMI even if they have different body types. A man could have a BMI of 21.2 and still look buff while a woman too can have the same BMI and look slim and slender. As a matter of fact, women are known to have more fat content in their bodies while the men are known to have more muscle mass.
    Even babies upon their birth undergo a BMI check. It determines their physical health.

    The ideal BMI!
    Following are the various measures of BMI that can help you analyze your fitness level.
    Underweight- The BMI which falls lesser than 18.5.
    Ideal Weight- The BMI which ranges between 18.5-24.9 is considered as normal BMI.
    Overweight- The BMI which ranges over 30. The people whose BMI falls in this category, are known to be obese or overweight.

    Limitations of BMI
    Scientifically, BMI is the weight of the fat content in the body and not the actual body weight. So, factors like age, sex, race and ethnicity can have an influence on the relation between the fat content in the body and the BMI.

    How to maintain a healthy BMI?
    The mantra to be followed here is to monitor your daily activity and keep a tab on your diet. The only way one can maintain a healthy BMI is by exercising regularly and eating the right kind of food.

  • Smart tips to follow to become an athlete

    Any kind of a sport not only gets your adrenaline up and running, but also makes you sweat and feel energized. It lets you release your passion, strength, ambition and drive in a very healthy manner. But becoming a good athlete is not just about knowing how to play a game. It is a combination of smart training, proper diet, the right sportswear and the right shoes like Nike Shocks. So let’s take a look at each factor one by one.

    Proper sports shoes Brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour have always been popular when it comes to sports shoes. So feel free to pick a style or model that suits your exact needs. For instance, available in different models for men, women and kids, Nike Shocks offers ample support, cushioning and protect you from impact-related injuries. You can choose from different materials as well and Nike also allows you to customize these shoes with player names, numbers, exciting colors and special laces.

    The right sportswear Just like shoes, your sportswear must be comfortable, smart and ideal for free movement. Pick light breathable fabrics which wick away sweat easily, and outfits which are wrinkle-free and easy to maintain. Again, well-known sports brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, ESPN and more can help you out.

    Choose a sport you love Unless you enjoy playing something, you cannot excel. Also, you will be less anxious and recover better from injuries if you choose the game you want.

    A coach is essential He will understand your skills well, set reasonable goals, teach you special techniques, advice on the right equipment, and enforce timely sessions.

    You need an individual program Set aside some time to improve your individual weaknesses and ways to avoid injury, as this will enhance your overall performance.

    Stay focused when you practice Don’t let your mind wander and practice meditation for this.

    Cool down After every workout session, carry out some low-intensity stretches to cool down and relax mentally.

    Decide your priorities Becoming a champion athlete needs loads of practice and determination. So be sure that you are ready to devote enough time and energy to it.

    Set short and long term goals Decide on the milestone you want to reach both in terms of performance and habit. It can be reducing the time you need to run to reach a point or improving on your pass. Wear the correct shoes like Nike Shocks to make this easier.

    Good attitude Stay positive at all times and respect your team mates as well as opponents. Work on controlling your emotions and develop a good rapport with your coach. Envision success so that you are driven.

    Drink lots of water You might feel exhausted, dizzy, or suffer from a heat stroke otherwise. Always stay hydrated, especially during intense sessions or during very hot weathers.

    Proper nutrition The right food can give you the strength and stamina you need to excel in any sport. So include lean proteins like chicken, vegetables, and whole-grains in your diet every day. After exercising, eat items rich in carbohydrates and proteins like milk, nuts or granola bars.

    Adequate sleep An average of 8 hours sleep is desirable to help you replenish your energy, stay calm and lower stress. Regular sleep will also help you stay focused on your game the next day.