• 5 best NNN properties for sale in LA

    Generally, the real estate taxes, maintenance, and building insurance expenses are paid by the landlord when the tenant pays the rent. However, in the case of the triple net (NNN) property, the tenant has to pay those too, in addition to the utility boils and the rent. The rent is lower for the NNN properties for sale which has made them a popular option among the investors.

    Below is a list of the five best NNN properties in Los Angeles.

    Convenience store

    • Location: Baton Rouge, LA
    • Cost: $2,995,401
    • Premises: 4,509 SF
    • Renewal options: 4 x 5 years
    • Lease expiration: 1/20/2040
    • Lease type: Absolute NNN
    • Rental increases: 2% annually

    If you are thinking about investing in an NNN property in LA, then this convenience store may just be the right option for you. This is an already established store with multiple locations, which makes it a profitable option. It is located in an advantageous position, which offers visibility and traffic.

    Jiffy Lube and Precision Tune Auto Care

    • Location: Alexandria, LA
    • Cost: $1,285,714
    • Premises: 5,000 SF
    • Lease expiration: Varies
    • Lease type: NNN
    • Rental increases: Varies

    If you want to invest in profitable NNN properties for sale, then consider these auto care facilities. You will have zero responsibility as a landlord and all the support you need from Jiffy Lube. The over 30,000 traffic count of vehicles per day, these facilities have excellent visibility. The Alexandria and Metrocenter Malls are located nearby too, which guarantees even more traffic.


    • Location: Bernice, LA
    • Cost: $1,794,966
    • Premises: 2,644 SF
    • Renewal options: 4 x 5 years
    • Lease expiration: 1/31/2039
    • Lease type: Absolute NNN
    • Rental increases: 2% annually

    This is one of the best NNN properties for sale in LA. With zero landlord responsibility and consistently great performance, this property will make sure that you get the best out of your investment. Only this February, this Exxon pumped 39,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Currently, it is in consideration to add a Truck Stop to this Exxon property, which will surely render it more profitable.

    Convenience store

    • Location: Orleans, LA
    • Cost: $2,089,815
    • Premises: 676 SF
    • Renewal options: 4 x 5 years
    • Lease expiration: 1/20/2040
    • Lease type: Absolute NNN
    • Rental increases: 2% annually

    This convenience store establishment operates in over 40 locations, which makes it a known name. This particular property offers constant profits with 2.30-time rent coverage. The store is strategically located in a dense business area, which guarantees regular traffic. The neighboring businesses include Domino’s, Rainbow, Super 8, Wendy’s, Walmart, Taco Bell, Raising Cane’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeyes, and more.

    Jiffy Lube

    • Location: Natchitoches, LA
    • Cost: $711,914
    • Premises: 1,600 SF
    • Lease expiration: 2/28/2027
    • Lease type: NNN
    • Rental increases: 12.5% on 3/1/2022

    With Shell Oil Company offering a corporate guarantee to this Jiffy Lube, it surely is among the top NNN properties for sale in LA. It is located nearby popular areas, which will make sure to lead heavy traffic towards the establishment. It surely is a profitable investment option for you.

    The NNN properties are in demand right now. You can invest in any of these top options to guarantee hassle-free profits.

  • Top 10 debt settlement companies you can choose from

    Debt settlement companies provide the service of lowering your existing debts by negotiating with your lender to provide financial relief. There are many such companies that can help you with repaying only a percentage of your loan to settle it permanently. Below is a list of the top 10 debt settlement companies you can compare and choose from.

    Century Support Services

    Century Support Services offers debt settlement services to people who have a debt of $10,000 or more. The process can take up to 48 months, but you will have to pay their fees only after your debt is settled. They also offer a free consultation.

    Pacific Debt, Inc.

    Pacific Debt Inc. offers debt settlement services for a fee of 15-25% of your settled debt. To avail of their services, you must have a debt of at least $10,000. The process takes up to 48 months, and you pay the fee after the service is completed.


    If you have a debt of $10,000 or even more, then CreditAssociates can be one of the top 10 debt settlement companies to help you out of the situation. They can effectively lower your dues and charge you a certain percentage of the settled debt.

    United Debt Counselors

    The best thing about United Debt Counselors is that they provide their debt settlement services via their website, which makes the process simpler. They will assign you a local debt counselor who will guide you through the entire process.

    New Era Debt Solutions

    When it comes to the top 10 debt settlement companies, this is a name that has to be considered. They have been in this business for more than 20 years and have an impressive record.

    Freedom Debt Relief

    Freedom Debt Relief is one of the largest debt settlement companies that help people with $15,000 or more in dues. They can lower your total debt by a significant amount for a fee of 15-25%. The process takes up to 24 months.

    CountryWide Debt Relief

    This debt settlement company promises to lower your debt by at least 20%, and will not charge you any fee if they cannot keep the promise. To avail of their services, you need to have a debt of $10,000 or more.

    Elite Financial Services

    With free debt analysis services, this debt settlement company is a popular choice among people who want to lower their debts. They charge you after the completion of the service, which can take up to 36 months.

    National Debt Relief

    The list of top 10 debt settlement companies cannot be completed without the National Debt Relief Company. They serve customers with $10,000 or more in debts for a fee of 15-25% of the settled amount.

    Accredited Debt Relief

    If you have a debt of $10,000 or more, then Accredited Debt Relief can help you reduce and settle it. The fee is charged only after the debt is settled.

    All these companies are known for their effective debt settlement services, which you can benefit from. You can compare them to find the right one for yourself.

  • Choose the best credit card companies for bad credit

    As defined by FICO (the leading credit rating agency), bad credit is defined as a score of less than 580. Your credit score may range between 300 and 850, and an excellent or good rating is often when the minimum score is 700. If you have a lower credit score, you may have to pay higher interest on loans and may not receive the best financial offers.

    One of the best and quickest ways to increase your score is to use a credit card. When you avail of the accurate card and use it correctly, you may be able to increase your score in a few months.

    Here are some of the best credit card companies if you have a lower score:

    Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card

    Several card issuers require you to deposit $200 or more when you apply for a card. However, this card from Credit One Bank is an unsecured product and does not require any upfront payments. You receive 1% cashback when you use this card for groceries, fuel, and satellite, cable, and Internet services. Additionally, you get a $300 limit, which increases as you responsibly use the card.

    Indigo Platinum Mastercard

    If you have ever applied for bankruptcy, the last thing you want is to apply for a credit card and be rejected as it further hampers your credit score. The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is an excellent option as it provides $0 cash advance fees during the first year. After that, the cash advance fee is applied at a high of 5% of the transaction value of $5.

    Milestone Gold Mastercard

    This is an excellent way to check your eligibility with the pre-qualification tool that suggests other options in case your profile does not match the requirements of this credit card. The company issues the card even if you have a previous bankruptcy, and the foreign transaction fee of 1% is among the lowest applicable in the industry. However, if you are unable to pay the bill on time, a 29.9% APR is applicable, making it very costly.

    Discover It Secured

    This card offers 2% cashback on your spending on fuel and restaurants applicable on a combined expense of $1,000 for every quarter. Additionally, you receive 1% cashback on other general purchases. Moreover, the card issuer matches your cash back earned at the end of the first year. Discover It comes with no annual fees and does not charge a penalty on your first late payment. Moreover, the card does not entail penalty APR for payment delays. However, it is a secured card, and you need to pay a $200 deposit at the time of availing the same.

    Capital One Secured Mastercard

    The card is an excellent choice if you are new to credit as it does not charge an annual fee or a penalty APR. Moreover, there is no foreign transaction fee, which is beneficial if you study abroad or travel. The minimum deposit may be only $49 (if you meet the eligibility requirements). You may qualify for a higher credit limit if the first five payments are made on time.

    The above cards are designed with beneficial features that help rebuild your credit and improve the score.

  • Top 5 home equity loan lenders

    A home loan, or a home equity loan, is the fixed lump sum amount borrowed against your home’s built-up equity. The lenders allow you to borrow 85 percent of the home’s equity. The usual repayment period is between 5-30 years, and there is a fixed interest rate applicable. So, let’s find out who are the best providers of home equity loans. 

    PenFed Credit Union
    PenFed has been in the running for over eight decades and has an open charter. This implies that there is zero military affiliation needed. For joining, you will have to open and maintain a savings account with a minimum of $5. Residents of all 50 states can avail themselves of their home loans facility. Some of the loans that you can seek are VA mortgage, jumbo, and fixed conventional loans, along with refinancing and home equity loans. Your minimum credit score should be 700. 

    Bank of America
    This lender offers conventional loans, Federal Housing Administration, jumbo, Department of Veterans Affairs, mortgage refinancing, and home equity lines of credit. The maximum loan amount that you can avail of is $2.5 million. For qualifying Merrill Lynch and Bank of America clients, the bank provides origination fee discounts.

    Discover Home Loans
    Discover Home loan is renowned for its transparency when it comes to the fee on home equity loans. Interest rates are fixed and are usually within the range of 3.99-8.99 percent for first liens and 11.99 percent for second liens. To apply for a loan with Discover home, you must have substantial equity in your home and a good credit score. 

    Regions Bank
    When subscribed to autopay, Regions Bank provides you with home equity loans starting at 3 percent APR. You get loans at a fixed interest rate and zero closing cost. You can get the loans for a term of 7, 10, 15, or 20 years. A line of credit for this home equity loan is available at an introductory rate of 0.99 percent for the initial six months. After the introductory period, the interest ranges from 3.75 percent to 10.75 percent. 

    PNC Bank
    Residents from all 50 states can avail of this firm’s services. At present, PNC serves over eight million customers and can provide you with all kinds of mortgages, such as FHA, ARM, home equity line of credit, fixed-rate, medical professional mortgage program, USDA, PNC Community, refinancing, jumbo, and VA.  

  • Pros and cos of getting a reverse mortgage

    A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that allows homeowners to receive payments on their house as opposed to them making payments to the lender. At first glance, this option seems too good to be true. But, before committing to it, there are some nitty-gritty details that people must consider when opting for this type of financing. So, here is some information regarding the pros and cons to consider when getting a reverse mortgage.


    • Multiple options of disbursement
      One of the biggest advantages of opting for reverse mortgages is that you can choose your payment method: whether it is in the form of monthly payouts, or receiving it in bulk.
    • You retain ownership of your home
      As opposed to other mortgages where you have to vacate your house, in a reverse mortgage, you can continue to own and live in your house without any interruptions. It is a great way to improve your immediate finances and is preferable to moving or selling the property.
    • No tax liability
      The payments that you receive as a part of a reverse mortgage are not considered to be taxable by the IRS since it is considered to be a loan advance instead of taxable income.
    • Retirement safety
      These mortgages are actually a great option for retired and senior citizens, since it allows them to have access to funds, which might otherwise be stuck in the form of a fixed asset like a house or a property.


    • The property must be occupied
      For properties that have been reverse mortgaged, it is important that it remains occupied at all times. Lenders visit the houses from time to time to verify that the house is occupied throughout the year.
    • Risk of foreclosure
      If you fail to pay your property taxes, HOA fees, homeowners insurance payments, and other costs on time, your house is at a risk of being foreclosed for violation of tax laws.
    • High fees
      When signing up for a reverse mortgage, information you must know is that there are several expenses involved in completing the entire procedure, which may include the mortgage fees, FHA insurance charges, as well as closing costs.
    • Accumulation of interest
      Since there is no monthly payment plan or schedule involved in a reverse mortgage, the amount that you borrow incurs interest over time. As a result of this, one needs to be careful to not default on any payment to avoid accumulating further debt.
  • 4 basic questions answered about reverse mortgages

    A reverse mortgage is a loan that allows individuals older than 62 to improve their financial well-being. They can convert part of their home equity into lump sum cash, fixed monthly payments, or line of credit, according to their preference. The money can be used to pay for medical bills, in emergencies, or to pay off a mortgage. Here’s what you should know about reverse mortgages in case you’re looking for one.

    How much can you borrow?
    For reverse mortgages, the loan amount can’t exceed the value of the property against which it is borrowed. Federal regulations require lenders to ensure that the loan amount doesn’t exceed the value of the house by structuring the transactions accordingly. Additionally, these regulations state that the owner/borrower is not liable to pay off the balance amount in case it exceeds the property value.

    How are reverse mortgages paid for?
    A reverse mortgage is payable when the borrower sells the house, relocates permanently, or dies. Unlike forward mortgages, reverse mortgages don’t need the borrower to make any monthly payments. They are only liable to pay interest on the money received, which is rolled back into the loan balance. While the owner gets to keep the title to the home, their home equity reduces over the loan tenure.

    Who can take a reverse mortgage?
    This type of loan is ideal for seniors and retirees whose net worth comes mostly from the value of their home. Seniors who don’t qualify for a home equity loan or can’t refinance due to limited cash flow or poor credit can opt for reverse mortgages. Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for purchase is a reverse mortgage that allows seniors to buy another property. That said, it is complex, and you should study the risk factors before getting one.

    What are the risks associated with reverse mortgages?
    Reverse mortgage scams are not unheard of. Unreputable vendors could offer to help seniors secure reverse mortgages by undertaking house repairs. They don’t provide quality results and get away with the homeowner’s money instead. For spouses living together in a home with only one spouse named as a borrower on a reverse mortgage, the other spouse can lose the home if the borrowing spouse dies first. Besides, reverse mortgage lenders charge fees and closing costs and may also charge mortgage insurance premiums for federally-insured HECMs.

  • Best Full Coverage Dental Insurance Medicare

    Dental hygiene is of utmost importance and the services of a dentist do not come cheap. You might be in for a shock when you make a payment at the dentist for regular cleaning services. If you fear surprises at the time of paying your bill at the dentist, a comprehensive dental insurance could be your best bet. It will cover a wide range of services and allow you to enjoy a full coverage insurance plan with no waiting period.

    Dental insurance coverage
    A full coverage dental insurance includes three levels of coverage. These are preventive, minor, and major. It will cover the dental treatments at all levels and is not restricted to the preventive services. The comprehensive coverage will include cleanings, filling, fluoride treatment, root canal, X-ray, denture repair, and bridgework.

    No waiting period
    It is possible for you to obtain dental coverage without any waiting period. If you need a dental treatment in the near future, you need a plan that is effective immediately. It does not make sense for you to buy a plan that has a waiting period. A full coverage dental insurance medicare plan with zero waiting period means that you will be able to make the most of the plan with immediate effect, without any waiting period for the services. This includes the major dental procedures as well. There are many other plans, which would require a waiting period of one year. But if you are going to need dental services soon, opt for a plan that has no waiting period to avoid the hassle of financing dental work.

    A full coverage dental insurance medicare plan is of utmost importance for individuals of every age. It can significantly reduce your out of pocket expenses and make it easier to go through a major dental procedure smoothly. The plan has been designed to meet the comprehensive needs of the patients and will include a wide range of services.

    When you are looking for insurance plans, keep your priorities in mind. Do not compromise on the services in order to save a small amount. The cost of a dental treatment might burn a hole in your pocket if you do not have a comprehensive plan. A full coverage plan is a safe bet and it includes an array of services that you will require in the future. With a zero waiting period, the plan could be a convenient and cost-effective deal for you.

  • Top Dental Plans for Seniors

    It is important for every individual to invest in a dental insurance plan so as to avoid the expense after visiting a dentist for a treatment. Dental treatment is not cheap and with an insurance plan, you will be able to cover for the cost associated with the same. At the age of 65, you may sign up for Medicare, but it does not cover dental care or dental treatment. This means you will have to incur the cost out of your pocket.

    With the best dental plans for seniors, you may enjoy a comprehensive coverage in one policy. There are some procedures that you will receive for free and there are a few where you will have to share the expense with the insurance company. A dental insurance usually covers for cleanings and routine checkups.

    Discussed below are the top three dental plans for seniors:

    They offer a dental savings plan which is like a membership in a club. You will have to pay annual fees to be a part of the club and the plans offer various benefits, which are usually not a part of the traditional insurance plans. There is no paperwork and no annual caps with these plans. There are more than 30 plans available from brands that you may trust. The plans cover more than 100,000 dentists across the nation and they provide services at reduced fees.

    Spirit Dental & Vision
    You may choose from a wide range of plans that are priced anywhere between $36 to $74 per month. The total annual benefit may range from $1,200 to $5,000. Backed by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, they offer some of the best dental plans for seniors. Also, they offer plans that are specially curated for two people, which implies that you do not have to spend a hefty sum on a family plan.

    With numerous dental plans for seniors, this insurance provider offers a lot to choose from. Their plans are affordable and their annual fees are as low as $99 for one individual. They charge a small processing fee as well and are known for the discounted plans that they provide.

    Investing in a dental insurance plan is an important decision. Consider the coverage offered by the insurance provider and choose the one that fits your requirements and offers a comprehensive coverage, even if it costs slightly on the higher side as compared to the other plans.