• Finding bestselling handbags from e-commerce sites

    Handbags are one of the essentials for every woman. While handbags are meant to carry our belongings, they also reflect an individual’s style and taste. But these must-have accessories tend to be expensive. So it makes sense to buy cheap handbags from a good retailer so that quality is not compromised. This is where the popular e-commerce sites come to the rescue.

    Mentioned below are a few of the bestsellers in the handbag category on various e-commerce sites:

    Roma Leathers Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse Bag
    This handbag is made of genuine lambskin leather, and it has many pockets. It is a good choice for those women who want to fit multiple items into their bag. Items such as a book, charger, headphones, money, cards, change, and a few others easily fit into this crossbody bag all at once. The bag is lightweight and has five assorted zipper pockets. Also, the front and back pockets are easy to access and can be used to store your cash, phone or lip gloss. With a reasonable price tag, this is a perfect choice for women who want to buy cheap handbags.

    BEKILOLE Women’s Stylish Waterproof Tote Bag
    This is a lightweight waterproof nylon handbag. This is a definite lifesaver not just during the rainy season, but all year round since it does not damage your belongings. It comes in a variety of colors, from darker army green all the way to rose or lime green. If you are not too fussy about the look and are merely purchasing it for the utility aspect, then this is a suitable choice for you since the bag has a very plain design. This handbag has one main zipper pocket, two interior slip pockets and one interior zipper pocket that seems to work well for office going women. The overall quality of the bag is good, and the best part about this bag is that its price is very reasonable.

    Scarleton 3 Front Zipper Washed Shoulder Bag
    This is an ultra-soft synthetic bag made from vegan leather. The bag comes with top zipper closure and removable/adjustable shoulder strap that drops 27 inches. It has two large interior compartments. One compartment has a cell phone pocket, and the other has a small zipper pocket. So if you usually carry a lot of hardware and expensive devices, then this does not favor that since the items can move around quite a lot in the free space and get damaged in a collision. However, the good part of this bag is that it is soft, but not floppy and is an excellent choice for strict vegans. Overall, it is a good product but may not suit your budget if you are looking to buy cheap handbags.

    JOYSON Women Handbags
    If you are looking for a large-sized bag that can support you while touring, then this a suitable option. It is made of high-quality PU leather, has a zipper closure and an adjustable /removable shoulder strap. This bag is reasonably priced and can even fit a laptop.

    Once you consider these reviews, choosing a handbag that suits your needs and your budget becomes easy for you. And the bag that is going to be your best buddy is just a click away!

  • Belk handbags – Offering a bag for every occasion

    The craze for handbags is fairly common, and there is a reason for it. Every style of a handbag would complement your personality. The fashion industry has seen several styles of handbags that are must-haves in one’s collection.

    There is nothing better than picking up a bag of your choice to go with the outfit you are wearing for any occasion. For this, you need to build your collection and have the latest trends updated in your collection. The one-stop shop for all types of handbags is Belk handbags. They have a wide variety available, and you can find the perfect handbag that will fulfill your fashion and functional needs.

    Here are the types that you must own in your collection.

    Clutches and Evening bags
    A fancy dinner or a fun evening out with friends calls for a small bag. Clutches are one of the best inventions as they allow you to carry all your valuables within your grasp. They come in the most exquisite designs. You can even find one with embellishments to jazz it up. A somber outfit calls for a fancy and attractive clutch. The whole idea behind evening bags is that you do not have to carry much. You can keep all your essentials like credit cards, license, cash, keys, maybe a lipstick or two and your phone.

    Crossbody bags
    Convenience and style rolled into one, the crossbody bags have been in vogue for a long time now. They come in fresh designs, and the best part is that you just have to wear it across your body and walk freely. They have plenty of space to carry all the little things you need throughout the day. It is the perfect one to carry on a hectic day. It’s best for you to have one of these in your closet in case you have a busy day coming up. You can get them in different styles and choose colors that will even complement your outfit.

    Designer handbags
    very woman’s closet will have one or several of these. There are hundreds of brands that make these handbags, and they are irresistible. You can find plenty of them at Belk handbags. They look classy and sophisticated and can be carried on any occasion. Be it work or fun, when you walk in with a designer handbag, everyone will want to know where you got it from.

    Hobo bags
    This charming type has a single handle and a curved body. This type of handbag will have plenty of space. It has a timeless look to it, and there is no outfit you cannot pair it with. Mostly made of leather, you can get bags with ornamentations like tassels, bows, chains, and even multiple pockets. Any fashionista will own at least one hobo bag in their collection.

    Originally designed to carry books, the fashion industry revolutionized this style over the years to create an attractive and stylish bag. These are bags that have flaps and have straps which are worn across. They still do have plenty of room, and the latest of the designs even have smaller handles in addition to the straps. This timeless design deserves a space in your collection.

    Mini bags
    Small in size and every bit as appealing, this is the best one to grab when you are out for short trips to the store or to meet a friend. They are extremely convenient and come in a variety of shapes, designs, and color. You will be spoilt for choice for these at a Belk handbag sale.

    Shoulder bags
    These are one of the most commonly available handbags. They have two handles that are worn on one shoulder. They have plenty of compartments and come in all sizes too. These are the bags in which women store every essential thing. They are very convenient to use and is a style you probably already own. Explore the variety of shoulder bags in Belk handbags to discover the latest trends.

    Handbags are one of the essentials. Investing in them is wise as they help you leave home carrying everything you need, every single day. Having the necessary bag types in your collection will keep you be ready for any occasion. You can explore all kinds and styles of bags at Belk handbags to stay updated with the latest trends.

  • Best deals on Belk handbags

    With 293 stores located in 16 Southern states and a formidable digital presence, Belk Inc. is a private department store or company based in Charlotte, N.C. It is the home to modern, southern style fashion apparels, shoes, and accessories. Not surprisingly, Belk has emerged as a reliable source for fashion aficionados, especially those in need of Belk handbags and purses that are of superior quality, stunning to look at, and cost-effective. Following are some of the best handbags and purses that you can buy at Belk while availing lucrative discounts and deals.

    Michael Kors Morgan Large Tote
    A perfect combination of design and functionality, you can pick this bag from the Belk handbags collection. With a zip pocket at the back, two back slit pockets, and six front slit pockets, this bag offers ample storage space. You can carry it around with your everyday essentials inside with panache. Available originally at a price of $248, you can get it at Belk at $139.49 clearance price.

    Dooney & Bourke Texas Tech Hobo
    With tales of aesthetic appeal and convenient use with its contrasting details and an adjustable strap, this hobo bag is another great piece that you can pick for yourself from the Belk handbags collection. A zip closure, gold-tone hardware, self-color stitch trim, two front slip pockets, one back wall slip pocket, and one back wall zip pocket are the other features of this bag. Buying it from Belk would be a wise decision, as the website is offering you a chance to make 25% savings on this beautiful Dooney & Bourke bag.

    Vince Camuto Axton Hobo Bag
    This hobo bag with its sleek and undeniably chic design can become an integral part of your wardrobe and style. The magnetic snap closure is there to ease the opening and closing of the while saving time. It comes with a removable shoulder strap so that you can use it as both a handbag and a shoulder bag. The two front slip pockets and one back zip pocket help you keep your things well organized in this bag. The silver-tone hardware and the self-color stitch trim enhance the appeal of the bag. If you decide to buy this hobo bag from the Belk handbags collection now, you can get it for $217.99.

    Nine West Esmerelda Satchel
    For a casual yet clean impression, you can add this amazing bag to your handbag and purse collection. While satiating your style and fashion requirements, this bag can also cater to your ordinary storage needs successfully, as it comes with one back zip pocket and two front slip pockets. The double top handles are there so that you can carry it as a handbag while the removable and adjustable crossbody strap allows you to carry the bag as shoulder or sling bag. It comes with a self-color stitch trim, and the hardware varies from one type to another. The original cost of the bag is $99, but you can avail it for $44.99 at the Belk clearance sale.

    New Directions Allie Shopper
    Available in assorted finishes and colors, the Allie Shopper bag is super chic. The sleek bag in contemporary style is certain to make you fall in love with it. This extremely fashionable accessory comes with a top zip closure, one back zip pocket, two front slip pockets, and one front flap pocket. It is a Belk exclusive and features a shoulder strap, self-color stitch trim, and silver-tone hardware. You can get this beautiful bag at a reduced price of $32.39 at Belk.

  • Choose from this wide variety of Belk handbags

    Every girl would love to own a designer handbag to complete her outfit. A good designer handbag will enhance your outfit and makes an impressive style statement. However, designer handbags are expensive. You need to shell out bucks to be a proud owner of an exclusive designer handbag. You must also be aware of the different types of handbags that are suitable for different attires and occasions. Roughly there are about 25 different varieties of handbags. From shoulder bags to satchels, you can find every range of designer handbags at Belk. Belk handbags are known for its high standards of quality. Belk Handbags are uniquely designed to be appropriate for every occasion. Here are some of the popular varieties of designer Belk handbags.

    Casual Bags: Casual bags or office bags are designed to be functional and also fashionable. These bags are good for regular office use.

    Satchels: These bags are perfect for women who need to carry many things to work. You can easily fit your documents, makeup, phone, lunch, and money in this bag.

    Tote Bags: These are also known as beach bags. Everything from beach towel to sunblock and goodies can be stuffed into this bag.

    Bucket Bags: As the name suggests, this bag looks like a bucket and is spacious. The bag has only one handle and can be worn over the shoulder or can be carried.

    Hobo Bags: Hobo bags are day bags. This bag is shaped like a crescent moon and is a great fashion accessory for a weekend getaway or an outing. Belk Handbags has some beautiful pieces of leather hobo bags in their collection.

    Sling Bags: This bag is specially designed for young girls. College students can wear this bag across their body and a sling bad makes a great fashion statement.

    Backpacks: Backpacks are used to carry laptops. If you want to use a backpack to suit your formal wear, then go for a leather backpack.

    Wristlets: Wristlets are somewhat similar to clutches. They come with a strap that can be wrapped around the wrist.

    Evening Bags: Evening bags are small and are meant to complement your attire for evening parties and formal soirees.

    Clutch: Clutch is a small purse that can accommodate relatively small essentials like money, mobile phone, and other personal items. High profile socialites use clutches extensively.

    Envelope Bag: This is a small strapless envelope shaped bag preferably used while going to official dinners and movies.

    While picking a handbag for your occasion, keep in mind your attire. The handbag that you select must complement your outfit to complete your look. While the colors of your outfit need not match your handbag, if the type of handbag does not suit your ensemble, then it becomes a fashion faux pas.

    Where can you buy Belk handbags?
    Designer handbags are available in all the major stores like Macy’s, JC Penny, Target, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx and others. If you are thinking of buying the designer Belk Handbags for a discounted price, then you need to look for the sales promotions offered by top outlets both in-store and online. You can always check out the discount offers on the official website of Belk. The luxurious Belk handbags are available on sale at 6pm.com where you can get a good deal. Overstock.com also has sale and discount offers happening from time to time. If you want to buy a Belk Handbag, then you need to keep an eye open for chancing upon the best deals. When you come across a great deal, you can buy the designer handbag at a moderate price.

    When you are shopping for handbags, wait for the right opportunity. Buy your designer handbags at a sale where you can get two pieces for the price of one.

  • Brahmin handbags – Top websites offering best handbags

    If a Brahmin handbag or purse is something that has caught your attention lately, then you are on the right page. Here in this article, you would find useful information on the company, products, and sources you can count on for availing Brahmin handbags clearance sales and websites that offer the best Brahmin handbag pieces.

    About Brahmin
    A prominent company that is all about details, Brahmin has been creating handbags and accessories that stand in style, function, and materials since 1982. The Brahmin team does its best to select luxe leathers and on-trend accents for making unmatched products in-house in Massachusetts. To no surprise, the company creates a collection of products that satiate diverse tastes and requirements of the modern buyers aptly.

    To come up with bags no less than perfect, the Brahmin team keeps its bags in sketch form for a long time. It is only after doing a lot of brainstorming and research that the designers finally start giving the sketch a real shape. The design team travels miles for sourcing finest leathers from Italy and other parts of the world. To make each handbag, it takes over two dozen artisans over 100 steps. So, next time you pick a bag from Brahmin handbags clearance sale, you can be more proud of your choice.

    Websites that offer the best Brahmin handbag pieces

    It is obvious that you would like to grab the best Brahmin handbags for yourself. You can count on the following websites for the same and save money through Brahmin handbags clearance sales.

    At Tradesy, you can explore the Brahmin bag collection to find a piece that suits your taste and budget in the best ways possible. As you would find many bags at a discounted price, you can pick the one that you fall in love with without tearing a hole in your pocket.

    Offering riveting clothing, accessories, and shoes for women, men, and children since its inception, Nordstrom is a leading fashion specialty retailer. The commitment to offer the best possible service to customers has enabled it to grow from a small Seattle shoe shop to a leading fashion specialty retailer. For satiating your craving for Brahmin handbags, Nordstrom can be an ideal source. Not only can you grab the best pieces on this website but can avail them at competitive prices as well. Also, you can keep track of the time when the website announces Brahmin handbags clearance sale.

    Based in Charlotte, N.C., Belk is a private department store. At its website, you can find a wide assortment of fashion apparel, shoes, and accessories from many brands. Therefore, you can count on this website for sourcing the best Brahmin handbag pieces. The website allows its users to connect through different ways of digital and social media platforms, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and Instagram to Pinterest. Additionally, Belk keeps its users updated and informed regarding sales notifications, fashion updates, exclusive offers, and coupons via mobile phone text messages and email.

    Having corporate offices in Ohio, New York, and Cincinnati, Macy’s is one of the nation’s premier online retailers. You can lay hands on Brahmin bags and handbags that you desire and deserve from this reputed brand. Explore the entire collection while sitting comfortably in your home, on the go, or from the confines of your office through Macy’s online store. To grab the best products without wasting much time, you can simply start exploring the top-rated Brahmin bag section on Macy’s website.

  • How to differentiate a real leather handbag from faux leather

    You are in love with leather handbags, and probably you have bought one, but now you are in a fix. You are in a constant dilemma as to whether you have picked a real leather handbag or whether it is a just another faux leather piece. Well, you are not the only one, as most of us end up picking up faux leather instead of the real thing. The reason behind is ignorance and the fact that distinguishing between real and faux leather products is not easy. Some sellers befool customers by selling cheap or faux leather handbags in place of the real ones. Therefore, it is wise to count exclusively on reliable sellers and not just any store you come across.

    To avoid falling into the trap of deceitful sellers, here we are with a few simple tips that can help you differentiate between real leather handbags and all handbags made of faux leather. Keeping the following tips and hacks in mind, you can certainly decide whether the handbag you intend to buy is made of real leather or faux leather.

    The smell
    By simply smelling leather handbags, you can make out whether the leather used in them is real or fake. However, it is hard to describe the actual smell, and you can only get an exact idea when you smell a thing yourself, we are still trying to give you a hint. If the handbag smells more like plastic and chemicals, it is a faux for sure. On the other hand, if the leather handbag gives you a distinct yet pleasurable odor, you should know it is real leather.

    The pores
    Leather is a porous material; after all, it is animal skin. So, whenever you find yourself stuck while shopping for a leather handbag, don’t forget to consider its pores. The pores on real leather are big and irregular just like hair growth on the real skin. On the other hand, the pores of faux leather are more consistent. Hold up both the bags closely and inspect their pores under light and you will make the difference quickly.

    The feel
    Another trick that can help you differentiate between faux and real leather handbags is the feel. You need to touch and feel the material properly. If you find it to be too soft and artificially smooth, it is a sign that the handbag is made of faux leather. Real leather, on the other hand, is coarse to touch and feel. Although real leather handbags can vary from coarse to silky smooth depending on the brand and the quality you choose.

    Check the inner lining
    Due to the advent of innovative leather coating technologies, even faux leather feels like real leather nowadays. A technique that can help you differentiate between both is to check the inner details of the material used. Genuine leather has a rough inner side, whereas faux leather has a treated fabric.

    Fold it
    When you fold faux leather, it does not fold easily and wrinkles, on the other hand, real leather folds easily as it has more elasticity.

    Check the weight
    Weight is another significant measure when it comes to differentiating between faux and real leather. By taking the weight of the leather handbag into consideration, you can easily decide whether it is real or fake. Genuine leather is heavy while faux leather is light.

    The gloss
    Both real and faux leather has a glossy finish. When you compare their respective glossiness, you would observe a marked difference. The texture of the faux leather is more lustrous than that of the real leather.

  • Choosing the best designer leather handbags

    There is nothing like finding the perfect handbag that goes with almost any outfit, the one that looks classy and fits your budget. You can find the answers to all this at a leather handbag sale. There is an extensive variety of styles available in leather handbags today. Each brand comes up with its unique and iconic designs that you are sure to fall in love with.

    A little assistance with your shopping can make choosing the right brand easy. Shop assistants may not be able to direct you on your shopping journey always. When it comes to online shopping, you need to pick one out yourself. And so, you need a guide that will tell you what to look for and which brands to choose.

    Though there are no rules on how to shop for handbags, here are a few basics that you should look out for when you go shopping for handbags.

    This is a factor that is of utmost importance. Several brands sell stylish and trendy bags. You just need to find them.

    The brand that has designed the bags speaks volumes. A popular and well-known designer is the best bet for you.

    Be it a small or a big bag; you are sure to fill it up. Based on the utility, choose a leather bag that will fulfill your needs.

    Choose from the best brands
    While the basics are covered, here are few of the top picks when it comes to leather handbags.

    Being one of the top brands in the industry, you can expect nothing but the best quality from them. They have bags made of 100% leather. The iconic style of Fossil handbags is the one with crossbody functions. This style is perfect for a woman who moves around a lot through the day. They have a stylish collection of bags that create a statement and are best for any use.

    Marc Jacobs
    Leather wallets from this brand are unmatchable. Their leather handbags are also made of superior quality leather. Created by renowned designers and keeping in mind the daily needs of women, they have everything you are looking for in a leather handbag. The bags have separate slots to keep all your valuables including cards, driver’s license, and cash. They are stylish and easy to carry around too.

    This is a brand name that speaks for itself. You can expect nothing but good quality and extremely fashionable products. The Gucci logo on the bag itself creates a style statement. You can find Gucci leather bags in all colors and sizes. Their bags have a timeless look that will stay in vogue for years to come. You can find authentic Gucci leather bags on sale too.

    Michael Kors
    Michael Kors is known for their large-sized bags that come in enchanting shades and sizes. A prominent name in the fashion community, they have handbags that focus on utility and bring out the most functional leather bags on the market. Their bags have several compartments where you can keep your valuables carefully. They are made from leather of good quality and will be as good as new as time passes by.

    You can find all types of handbags at a sale. However, you need to know which one is suitable for your requirement, budget, and personality. With a large collection to drool over, you may be overlooking some excellent choices. This guide of top leather handbags is sure to help you find the perfect one to flaunt and use for years. These reliable and prominent brands are known for their durability and lasting perfection. Owning such classic pieces not only enhances your style statement but are extremely useful as well.

  • 6 Best designer handbags brands to watch out for

    There are a few accessories that you cannot miss out on when you head out to work or on a special date. The most important of them is a handbag. Women can find anything and everything they need in this accessory. Whether you are a fashionista or a lady with impeccable taste, a designer handbag is what you hunt for at a store.

    Several brands sell unique, stylish and noteworthy designer handbags. These are indeed the ones you need to look for, be it in a store or at a designer handbag sale. The right kind of bag can often add panache to an outfit too. You can get designer bags for both formal and casual wear. You can select from hundreds of designs and even opt for the material you prefer. Designer leather handbags are the latest fad that you need to own in your collection.

    Here are brands that sell the smartest styles with premium quality.

    Christian Dior

    This is a brand that has not gone unheard by any woman or girl. They are extremely popular in the fashion world for their iconic styles. Designer handbags from Christian Dior are extremely stylish and are of exceptional quality. These bags have a sophisticated look that is sure to stand out and be recognized and adored by all.

    Louis Vuitton

    This brand seems to know exactly what women want from their designer bags. With their unparalleled styles and the best possible raw materials, the outcome is a classy collection of designer purses, handbags, and other luxury bags. Investing in a Louis Vuitton bag is surely going to pay off. If you maintain it properly, you can keep using it for years. You are sure to gain attention and appreciation for your good taste when you go for designer handbags from Louis Vuitton.

    Marc Jacobs

    This brand has a popular market throughout the world. Established as one of the most fashionable brands and known for their handbags, watches, and perfumes, their merchandise is worthy of more than one space in your closet. They constantly update their collection by introducing new trends every season.


    This French-based company gained popularity for their trendy designs and functional handbags. Made of the finest quality of leather, you can buy trendy designer leather handbags from this brand. You can even find them at designer handbags sale. These bags come in exciting colors that will complement any outfit.


    Being one of the oldest companies on the list, they have the most versatile set of women’s designer handbags. Started in 1941, every woman would want one piece from their distinct and classy collection. The designer handbags you will find here are elegant. They have an extensive array of colors too. They also have designer handbags sale regularly.


    The world knows Chanel, and there is not one person who was not impressed by their designer handbag collection. This is the brand most celebrities go for. Their bags create a bold style statement and can be flaunted with any outfit. You can even buy their designer handbags online. Chanel handbags are long lasting and so can be used for years to come. This is one brand you need to treasure in your collection.

    The best time to shop for these bags is at designer handbags sale, where you can purchase bags at discount prices. Most stores have sales now and then. Designer handbags are also available online at discounted prices. Make the most of it by shopping at the right time and add to an enviable collection of branded designer handbags.