• Top 4 online education platforms

    They say it is never too late to pursue your dreams. This is especially true when it comes to career and education. Unfortunately, not all can afford to quit their jobs and go back to school. This can make it difficult to pursue higher studies or certain courses that can enhance skills. Fortunately, there are several free online learning platforms that allow anyone and everyone to be able to have access to good quality learning resources.

    Here are some of the best websites for free online education that you can sign up for.

    Coursera is one of the most popular platforms for taking free online courses. It features classes, both free as well as paid, on a variety of different topics. This platform is currently being used by over 35 million learners that have access to 150 university partners, 2,700 courses, 250 specializations, and four degrees. These courses are curated in partnership with leading universities and organizations from around the world, such as Stanford and Harvard.

    edX is a platform that was founded by Harvard and MIT that brings together top-ranked universities. This platform was founded to help eliminate the primary barriers that prevent people from pursuing education, i.e., cost, location, and access. Along with free courses, edX also offers certain specialized courses for a specific fee. The platform can be accessed by interested educators and technologists through Open edX if they wish to assist in developing new educational tools.

    Udemy is another online learning platform that is quite similar to Coursera in terms of the format of the courses. The unique aspect of this platform is that it allows users to build their own custom courses by compiling individual lessons so that these can be taught online. There are over 100,000 courses in 50 languages on this platform that are taught by 42,000 instructors from around the world.

    TED-Ed is a platform made by TED to help share ideas and knowledge from teachers to students. This award-winning platform has a global network of more than 250,000 teachers that teach several free courses on a variety of categories and themes. The lessons are taught using animated videos and interactive content so as to make them more interesting for the students.

  • 3 Highlights magazines to help your kid learn the smart way

    It is important for children of all ages to learn something productive so that their growth is progressive. Magazines can play a key role in this process. Descriptive and colorful magazines for children can help them learn various daily life lessons. These can also facilitate learning at school. So, if you’re looking to educate your child through some magazines, here are some Highlights magazines subscriptions.

    Hello Magazine
    Best for toddlers aged 0-2, Hello Magazine is best for educating your kids about different themes around them like sounds, foods, farm animals, and much more. This can help them get a sense of the world around them, making them aware at an early age. The magazine is filled with colorful images of animals and the sounds they make. It also contains read-aloud stories and poems that will make your toddler giggle and laugh, while helping them learn. One year subscription (12 issues) of the magazine costs around $39, a two-year subscription (24 issues) costs around $60, and a three year subscription offers more than 50% discount, priced at around $82.

    High Five
    If your kid is between two to six years old, then this Highlights magazine subscription will certainly help them with their growth. The High Five Magazine is ideal for kindergartners and preschoolers as it encourages their curiosity with the world around them. The magazine contains simple puzzles and quizzes, which makes learning fun for kids. For instance, the magazine contains hidden pictures to develop their visual acuity. The matching games can help them boost their memory, and easy recipes and crafts can help develop their self-confidence. The subscription cost of the magazine is the same as that for Hello Magazine. The High Five Bilingüe Magazine is the same magazine but in Spanish. This can help form an early foundation for your kids’ multilingual proficiency. As an addition, the magazine also contains read-along stories, poems, and puzzles.

    Highlights Magazine
    This magazine will intrigue the explorer in your six- to 12-year-old kid. Created in 1946, Highlights is one of the oldest running magazines. As a result, the magazine has evolved with times in terms of puzzles, games, science experiments, stories, riddles, crafts, and other educational projects. Apart from brain teasers like hidden pictures and matching games, the Highlights Magazine teaches children about cultural diversity by including stories from different countries and regions. It also contains fascinating science and nature topics that can help them develop their IQ at an early age.

  • Top 6 websites for free online education

    Picking up new skills can be tiresome if you have to rush around town after a full day of school or work, but you can now do it from the comfort of your home. Online learning portals make it easier to pick courses that enhance your skills and add to your educational credentials. This article lists six of the best websites for free online education.

    1. Coursera
      Coursera has a prime place in most lists of the best websites for free online education. The website has a vast range of online courses to choose from, including certification courses curated in affiliation with renowned universities. You can even get yourself a subscription to make the best of their free as well as paid courses and exclusive learning content.
    2. Harvard Extension School
      One of the most esteemed universities in the world offers free online classes for people who cannot be on campus to encourage learning on this website. The university offers courses in all streams of education and combines learning with convenience and flexibility to pace your studies. You can find a wide variety of free as well as paid courses on this site.
    3. LinkedIn Learning
      LinkedIn Learning is a newer and more profession-centric platform, making it one of the best websites for free online education for working professionals. You can pick up a skill or two and learn from industry experts to help you climb the success ladder of your career. LinkedIn Learning offers courses in multiple languages, and you can also take a subscription if you like.
    4. Udemy
      Udemy is another top contender when it comes to the best websites for free online education. From personal development to business, design, marketing, and much more, you can find online education for it all on this website. Like Coursera, Udemy has both free and paid courses.
    5. Khan Academy
      Khan Academy is another popular name when it comes to the best websites for free online education. The online learning portal includes learning exercises and is great for students and teachers alike. The courses cover everything from academic learning to life skills.
    6. Codecademy
      Codecademy is the way to go if you want to learn coding and data science from the comfort of your home. The website has free courses for various computer languages, and it is especially beneficial for college students as they can also get a hefty discount on the Codecademy Pro interactive curriculum, which is paid.
  • Top 3 Online Master’s Degrees in Accounting

    If you are planning to pursue an accounting degree, you should consider doing it online. There are more than 580 institutions in the country that offer master’s degrees in accounting, and many of them offer their courses online. Therefore, you can pursue this course without shifting to a different state, and you can also continue with your current job. Here are the top picks of online master’s degrees in accounting that you can consider if you are interested in this field.

    Auburn University
    The online master’s degree in accounting at Auburn University is open for you if you hold a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or business, and if you meet all the prerequisites for the business and accounting department. Students who enroll in this program receive study materials, instructions, and assignments that are similar to the on-campus course. The schedule is extremely flexible and can accommodate working professionals as well. Full-time students of this course can complete it within one year. They get to select electives like real estate finance and information risk analysis, among others. This course also prepares students for the Uniform CPA Exam. This whole program is available online, including the exam. However, students have to complete a three-day on-campus residency during their final semester.

    University of North Carolina
    The University of North Carolina offers an online Master of Accounting (MAC) degree through its Kenan-Flagler Business School. This school accepts students from all undergraduate backgrounds. However, students who have business or accounting backgrounds may get course waivers. Students who enroll in this course can choose a concentration in Tax or Audit. If you take up the full-time course, you can finish it in less than 15 months. You can start this course either in June or December. This way, even if you miss the application deadline for one semester, you do not have to wait for an entire year to enroll in the course. The MAC degree is entirely online, except for a one-week leadership immersion on campus, which is mandatory and takes place at the beginning of the course.

    University of Connecticut
    An online master’s degree in accounting from the University of Connecticut is one of the best online courses in the country. This university offers a Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program. Full-time students can complete it in two semesters. Working professionals who enroll in this degree take two courses per semester. The University of Connecticut also offers you electives like Forensic Accounting, Disclosure for Not-for-Profit Entities, and Fraud Examination among others.

  • Top 3 Online Certification Programs

    Online certifications are a great way to enhance your knowledge and add to your existing educational degrees. In the country, thousands of students choose to improve their educational qualifications with a certificate course every year. These online certification programs let students qualify in a subject without spending as much time as is required for a traditional certificate course. Many universities across the country offer online certifications, and you will find a certification program for almost all subjects. Here are three of the best online certification programs in the country.

    Certificate in Finance and Technology Program – Certificate in Finance and Technology
    This degree gives technology professionals from asset management, banking, and insurance sectors a clear understanding of the business where they work. Industry experts have designed the Certificate in Finance and Technology Program. It uses cutting-edge technology to help students gain the knowledge that they need to perform well and excel in their industry. This course helps students develop a strong foundation. It instills a sense of confidence in students and boosts the trajectory of their careers.

    Certified Expert in Microfinance – Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
    This course is tailored to train and certify loan officers and microfinance practitioners. It is ideal for students and working professionals who are interested in microfinance. The contents of this course can help students achieve personal career goals as they gain advanced knowledge in subjects like micro-insurance, micro-credits, and micro savings. Working professionals also learn about the risks involved in the business that they work for, and they learn to implement sales and marketing strategies. They will also gain knowledge about human resource management, performance management, and financial performance management.

    Edge Online: Business Foundations – UCLA Anderson Executive Education
    The goal of this online certification program is to get a clear picture of the concepts and strategies behind global businesses. In this course, working professionals learn about the fundamental concepts of business and management of the industry that they belong to. Students gain knowledge about how the fundamental principles of business work together and how to utilize them in real-life situations. This course is divided into three parts, which are Operations and Finance, Marketing and Managerial Leadership, and Strategy and Organizations. With this certificate, students gain an edge over other professionals because of their in-depth knowledge and clear concepts of various businesses.

  • Top 3 MBA Programs in the Country

    If you are looking to pursue a career in business, it is imperative that you enroll in a good MBA program and earn a degree with excellent scores. Many universities in the country offer full-time MBAs in various subjects. Depending on what you want to study and your undergraduate course, you can pick the right MBA program for you. Following are the top-ranking universities in the country that offer some of the best MBA programs in the world.

    Harvard University – Full-time MBA
    Harvard University is one of the best universities in the world, and the MBA programs offered by them are excellent. At Harvard, you can pursue an MBA program in Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Economics, E-Commerce, Finance, Health Care Management, and many more fields. The tuition fee for a full-time MBA at Harvard is around $72,000 per year, and according to the university, almost 78.90% of graduates find immediate employment after they complete the course.

    University of Chicago (Booth School of Business) – Full-time MBA
    The Booth School of Business offers full-time MBA programs at the University of Chicago. Here you can find various subjects and concentrations like Finance, General Management, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Public Policy, and many other courses. The MBA program from this university is highly acclaimed, and students graduating from here have excellent career prospects. The tuition fee for the full-time MBA program at this university is around $69,200 per year, and according to recent statistics, 88% of all students find employment immediately after graduation.

    University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) – Full-time MBA
    The University of Pennsylvania is one of the top institutions in the country, and it is well-known outside the country as well. The Wharton School of Business at this university is famous for accepting students from all corners of the world. These students come here to study the subjects of their choice within the business arena. Some of the top concentrations offered in the MBA program here are Human Resource Management, General Management, Economics, Finance, Health Care Administration, Insurance, and International Business, among others. The tuition fee for a full-time MBA course at Wharton is around $70,200 per year, and the employment rate for students after graduation is 82.30%.

    If you are planning to pursue an MBA, you should definitely consider these programs. You’re sure to have a bright future in the field of business after graduating from these universities.

  • Top 5 Online Nursing Schools

    Ranging from Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree, students have plenty of course options when it comes to online nursing schools. In most cases, these courses require students to complete about 120 credit hours, but it also depends on the course and the degree that you pick. Here are the top options for online nursing schools that you can consider.

    • The University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing 
      Operating with fall, spring, and summer dates, the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (RN to BSN) course is entirely online and offers you all the flexibility that you need. It also has a 94% graduation rate, and the tuition as well as admission, are guaranteed. The courses that make up this program include Health Assessment and Communication, Introduction to Nursing Informatics, Caring in Professional Nursing, etc.
    • Indiana University, School of Nursing 
      Convert your Registered Nurse degree to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree with the School of Nursing at Indiana University. It is one of the best online nursing schools in the country. It requires about 120 total credits, which will cost you around $224.23 for in-state tuition per credit. The out of state fee per credit amounts to $321.34 approximately.
    • Rutgers Online, Rutgers University, School of Nursing
      Another outstanding option among online nursing schools, you can undertake the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree program at this university. You need to be a registered nurse to qualify for this program. It is a great part-time choice to consider as you can continue working while expanding your knowledge and skills with this course.
    • The University of Iowa, College of Nursing
      The RN to BSN course offered at the University of Iowa in the College of Nursing is one of the most popular programs at this university. You can undertake this course at your convenience. The total tuition fee for this course amounts to $13,728 approximately, and it provides you with some great opportunities to expand your career.
    • Arizona State University, ASU Online
      This particular program takes 38 credit hours per course, and you have to take about ten classes in total. It would take you about seven and a half weeks per class, but it broadens your horizon for different career options. Some of the careers choices that open up for you are Certified Nurse Assistant, Critical Care Nurse, Intensive Care Nurse, Medical and Health Services Manager, and many more.
  • 4 Reasons Why School Closing Lists Are Released

    Schools release closing lists to announce the days on which they will stay shut because of various reasons. These lists are also used to inform parents about any delay in school timings. Schools closing lists are usually released during bad weather conditions, national emergencies, and other situations where children would be in danger if they stepped out of their homes for school. Following are some of the reasons why schools announce closing lists. Please note that the reasons behind these closing lists vary from state to state because every state has different conditions for this.

    Public holidays and celebrations
    One of the most common reasons why schools release closing lists is to inform parents about the dates on which they will remain shut for state or national holidays such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Parents need to know some of these holidays in advance to plan their day and celebrations accordingly. All schools have to release an annual list where they mention all the dates on which the school will stay closed. These lists help parents avoid a lot of confusion. They are also helpful for planning vacations in advance.

    Bad weather school closing lists
    When a particular city or state is experiencing bad weather, the state officials declare precautionary holidays for school children. All schools have to strictly follow these announcements made by government officials to ensure that kids stay safe in situations such as floods, storms, hot weather, and other drastic weather conditions. At such times, schools release a closing list with the number of days off and other relevant instructions, if any. Local government bodies, newspapers, and news websites also publish school closing lists. Parents are supposed to look for the school’s name in these lists.

    National emergencies
    On rare occasions, school closing lists are announced such as in case of national emergencies like a terrorist attack, the spread of a contagious disease, and other serious reasons that call for the temporary closure of institutions like schools.

    Teacher’s strike
    Again, this is a rare reason to release a school closing list. When teachers go on a strike in city, county or state, schools are forced to stay closed for a few days or until normalcy is restored. If it is a large scale strike, then the state education authorities create a school closing list and share it on relevant mediums so that parents and students are informed and updated about the situation.