• Tips to sell your motorcycle

    Certain people have the habit of changing their old bikes with the newer bikes that are in trend. It is obvious that the rate of the bike drops from the actual purchase coast according to the mileage, model and condition. Pre-owned vehicles are on demand than the new ones as they are cheap in price and so consumers can use it for a while and change when its time. People will try to bargain. So, make sure to follow the tips to sell your motorcycle for a better rate.

    • Clean the bike: Appearance matters when someone buys a product and when its pre-owned, they become more cautious. So, keep in mind and make sure that your bike looks appealing to the customer. Give it a general clean up. Make sure there is no calcium built up on battery terminals. Clean the chain, and spray new lubes on the parts and touch up on paint if required if your bike looks rusty.
    • Remove accessories: It is important to sell the bike as it was sold to you without any additional accessories. The customer may not like them and if those are worn out then it is best to remove all of them because it would depreciate the look.
    • Fix a price: Do research online and refer two or more service centers on fixing the price for your vehicle. Fix a high price at the beginning so that even if the buyer negotiates you can sell it for profit.
    • Give it for service: Even if you maintain your bike regularly, it is advisable to give the bike for service and ensure it is checked by the mechanic, so that you will have a peace of mind to see someone ride off on it safely.
    • Gather all documents: You cannot sell a bike without its documents. Keep everything ready like the ownership proof, finance details, remaining warranty and maintenance details. The buyers may want to refer to the papers before spending for it.
    • Meeting potential buyers: Share the picture of your motorcycle for advertising and make sure you don’t disclose the address as it could be easy for theft. Meet two more customers and sell it for a better price.
    • Dealership option: Many people sell their bike to dealers for better rate and people prefer to buy from dealers to get a quality bike. By selling it to dealers you can save money on advertisement, time spent waiting and avoid negotiation with buyers.
  • How to buy a motorcycle

    Buying a motorcycle can be exciting. The lure of the leather jackets, the pride of the rider clubs, and the exciting cafes and rider meets are reason enough to buy a bike. Or one could be buying a bike simply because they need to get from point A to point B. However, there are certain things you need to consider before you buy one.

    What will you use it for: There are different kinds of bikes available depending on various needs like sports bikes, street bikes, dual purpose bikes and off road bikes. Taking a sports bike down a rutted dirt trail could easily end up in being a bad experience. So, it is best to do some research on the types of bike before you decide to buy one. Factors to consider before you buy one are motorcycle CC, engine size and power and seat structure and comfort.

    Budgeting for a Bike: You can own a bike that costs anywhere between $5000 to $25,000. Once you have zeroed in on the type of bike you want, find out the going rate for the same- this may vary from brand to brand. Decide on a budget and then go ahead. Ask the dealer if you will get discounts if you pay using a cashier’s check. Keep in mind, costs for other elements like delivery or transportation charges, maintenance fees, sales tax, registration costs, expenses for helmets, and other protective gear.

    Old or used: Your first bike can be a used one. We will tell you why. Used bikes will cost you a lot lesser. Moreover, if you figure out that you don’t enjoy the bike you bought as much as you expected, you can always sell it off quick and move on. However, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before going for a used bike- Accident history, the number of owners a bike has had, odometer readings and service history.

    Financing for your Bike: You probably can buy a bike with very little money as down payment. However, the more money you offer upfront, better the deal you get. But if you do need financing, try getting a pre-approved loan. The interest rates of course, will vary on factors like credit history, down payment and length of the loan.

    Dealerships vs. Private Sales: Depending on your personal preference and benefits each offers, you will need to choose between a dealership or a private buyer. Dealerships offer you more bike options, a service department and financing options. Dealership bikes also comes with warranty.

  • Buying your first bike, here’s what you need to know

    Planning to buy your first motorcycle? Motorcycles offer a sense of freedom while you cruise them along curved roads., revving up the bike’s engine as you cruise along the road that go miles and miles. It’s a nirvana in its own sense. Sounds romantic for any bike fanatic. Keeping the romanticism aside, you need to consider some factors so that the love between you and your bike does not prove to be a costly affair.

    The first and the very obvious yet important factor is that, before even considering buying a new motorcycle, you need to be sure that you have the skills and abilities to ride any bike. If you are a novice, or even its been a while that you rode a motorcycle, you need to take a refresher course. Get a motorcycle license first if you don’t have one, to ride legally. The best way to go about all this is, enroll in a riding school.

    Once you have learned or brushed your skills on changing gears on a motorcycle without stalling it, you need to decide which kind of motorbike you intend to buy. Before considering the mechanical attributes and performance, decide on the need. Do you need to buy it to zip around the city streets and reach swiftly to your workplace or college, join a motorcycle club, or cruise along the road to take it on road trips?

    Once you have decided on the need and plan to go ahead and buy one, consider these points like; your body type. No matter how badly you want the bike, if your feet don’t touch the ground when the bike is upright, then the bike is too tall for you. You might as well should not consider high-performance bikes.

    Look for a bike that you feel comfortable sitting on. Take it for a small spin. How does the saddle feel? Are you able to maneuver the bike on difficult curves? How well does it respond to throttle and braking? Once you have done these with a couple of bikes, you will get a clear picture of which bike suits you best. And once you have decided on what type of bike you wish to buy, consider the technical aspects such as, type of engine, braking aspects, suspension, tires etc.

    After you have put a finger on your choice, it’s time to consider the financial aspects. Get a competitive insurance quote for your bike. There several insurance agencies on the internet that can help you provide the best quotes. Get in touch with a local insurance agency for the same. Decide on the finance. That is, the mode of payment (cash or other financing options).

    Don’t forget to buy the biking gear that best suits you and your bike. Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and dedicated eyewear.

  • Trike bike dealers to choose your first bike from

    Trike is a three-wheeled vehicle first built by the Germans in the 20th century. Trikes were earlier used in Asian countries as cycle rickshaws and freight trikes for commercial purposes. Later they were upgraded to automotive trike versions also known as the motorized trikes that then became the best alternative to enjoy the motorcycling experience. One of the biggest advantages of a trike bike is its stability. Other striking features of a regular trike include higher load carrying capacity, operator visibility, load suspension and increased balance and power.Though traditional two wheeled bikes are hugely popular and preferred, trike bikes have become sought after now. Check out this list of some of the popular trike bike dealers to buy a cool bike from.

    Harley Davidson: Harley Davidson needs no introduction. They have been popular manufacturers of the classy bikes for over 40 years. By the end of 1908 they had established dealerships in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Newark among many other cities, having their first overseas distributorship in Japan. Harley have two models in trikes Tri Glide Ultra and Freewheeler.

    Indian Motorcycle Dayton Beach: Indian Motorcycle Dayton Beach provides amazing customer service and has a talented team of professional sales members, finance experts, service technicians and a knowledgeable staff on parts and accessories to help out their valued customers. They sell extremely cool pre-owned and new trikes.They are best known for their fine built in structures, genuine leather, heavy bulged body and trunks.

    Motor trike: Motor trike is one of the nation’s leading trike conversion manufacturers. They give assurance of the trike thrill while offering space, stability and comfort of riding on three wheels. Their bikes have been used for various events including NASCAR sprint cup championship, three road & track formula SAE shootout Victories. Their design and manufacturing are unparalleled.

    American bike and trike: They are the largest trike and quad builders in the United States. They are the authorized in selling Hannigan, Q-Tec, Motor Trike, CSC, Lehman, Roadsmith, Sturgis bikes and the like. What sets them apart from the competition is their eye for detail and their unique understanding of their customer’s needs and desires

  • A guide to buy used motorcycle trikes

    Trike bikes are an alternative mode of motorcycling experience. Some buy brand new trike if they wish to have it for a long run and some prefer to buy used trikes for cheaper cost so they can exchange and get another buy in trend after some time. It totally depends on every individual. There is no harm is buying used trike unless you make sure it has been serviced well for its next use. Here are some tips to have a check on while buying used trikes.

    High Built Quality: Don’t fall for cheaper price that could steal your eyes and make decision easier for you. Whether you are buying a bike or trike you can always differentiate between a quality built vehicle and one whose assembly is reconsideration. Take bikes with consistent assembly like craftsmanship, well set parts, first rate material, good attention to detail because when you take a used trike you want all this mandatory and most of all buy the product directly form authorized motor trike dealers.

    Don’t Let the dealer crank the bike: The weak lines of the vehicle will be easily seen when you crank the bike. So, insist your dealer not to crank it until you get there and see the whole scene with your eyes. A warm engine is easy to start and does not seem to show up any faults and can hide many tuning issues. A cold engine can show any weak lines in the chain.

    Research on Parts: A proper check on brake pads/shoes, clutch, throttle cable, intake tubes, carb rebuilt kits, petcock rebuilt kits and tires are a must. If you find the parts to be weary get it replaced with the new parts. Once is all set then you need not worry till you give your bike for first service else it is going to be a hard ride for you by spending more money in bits and pieces.

    Properly Trained Installers with Triking Experience: Every bike will need a mechanical attention sooner or later the later it gets the best the installation services and the condition of the bike. A reliable warranty process will certainly help with meeting good maintenance. Reputable dealers will have all trained technicians who understands your product and what standards an installation must meet and follow through customer satisfaction.

    Ride Control at Your Finger Tips: Every Trike gives you a different riding position and experience. It’s not going to be the same with all the bikes. Different handling abilities are needed when riding alone as opposed when riding with a passenger, hauling a trailer, or with added trunk cargo. Choose the trike which gives you the best riding position and comfort that gives you control to maneuver safely in all situations.