• 4 effective tips for booking your next rental

    Renting a car may seem like a simple activity, something you can do online in a matter of minutes. But apart from renter’s insurance, the cost of the rental, and other fees chargeable, there are a number of points to consider so you can get the best deal, from location to size of the vehicle and budget tips; here are a few tips to get you started.

    • Book in advance
      Book your travel arrangements well in advance, especially if you are planning a road trip. This way, you can switch vehicles in the cities planned along the route to save money and rent a different car each time. The location also matters as research suggests that car rentals in the suburbs are slightly cheaper than in a franchise that is smack dab in the center of the city. Also, avoid renting one straight out of the airport, as taxes and hidden charges will be levied on such rentals.
    • Take the weather into account
      There is not much you can do when it pours or snows out of nowhere. But taking the weather into account can help you rent a suitable vehicle for those driving conditions. For example, four-wheel-drive cars work well in heavy snow conditions or places where traction is compromised. You can select special vehicles by clicking on the filters and prioritizing your search on booking websites during winter and rainy months.
    • Consider space and occupancy
      If you are going on a long road trip, consider renting an SUV or full-sized vehicle that offers more comfort and storage. In driving conditions where the road might get bumpy or rough, a full-sized vehicle is better suited for long hours or even driving at night. Most full-sized SUVs are equipped to seat 5-6 people and still leave enough boot room for their luggage. It pays to book in advance so that you also get the best deal that is available out there.
    • Save money with fuel efficiency
      Most people who search for car rentals always filter the results according to fuel efficiency before even looking up the rental price. Because you can save more money by driving a mileage-friendly vehicle rather than renting a car that is cheap but turns out to be a gas guzzler. Fuel-efficient vehicles are also environment friendly, so you get points for that! Compare across popular websites that offer car rentals for 2021 and get the latest quotes with value-added services.

  • Comprehensive guide on commercial vehicle insurance

    If you own a company that requires commercial vehicles to conduct business, signing up for commercial vehicle insurance is vital. The insurance covers physical damage and liability for accidents, amounts, and usage that do not fall under personal auto insurance policies. Also, make sure to read the terms and conditions and carefully research before you opt for commercial vehicle insurance. For example, compare various semi-truck insurance quotes before choosing one.

    Vehicles covered under commercial insurance
    Various types of vehicles such as semi-trucks, box trucks, work vans, service utility trucks, and food trucks are covered by commercial auto insurance. These vehicles require an insurance policy that covers the employees operating the vehicle and the equipment inside.

    What’s included in a vehicle insurance cover?
    While it isn’t similar to personal auto policies, commercial vehicle insurance such as truck insurance does provide similar coverage. A truck or semi-truck insurance includes comprehensive coverage for collision, liability, medical payments, and uninsured motorist coverage. The difference between commercial and personal insurance include definitions, eligibility, coverages, limits, and exclusions. Here’s what’s available under a commercial vehicle policy.

    • Property damage liability coverage: Protection is provided if the vehicle damage another person’s property accidentally. Some insurance providers also offer legal defense in some cases.
    • Medical payments, no-fault, or personal injury coverage: The cover normally pays for the medical expenses of the driver and passengers in the vehicle irrespective of fault.
    • Bodily injury liability coverage: In the case of an accident where the driver of your vehicle is at fault, commercial vehicle insurance covers bodily injuries, death. Most commercial vehicle insurance providers also cover legal defense fees.
    • Combined single limit (CSL): Unlike a liability policy that offers separate limits that apply to bodily injury claims for property damage, a combined single limits policy (CSL) offers the same dollar amount of coverage per covered occurrence. This coverage is offered irrespective of the bodily injury, property damage, or the number of people involved in an accident.
    • Comprehensive physical damage coverage: Comprehensive physical cover pays for a wide variety of vehicle damages, including vandalism, flood, fire, theft, among several other mishaps.
    • Collision coverage: Such coverage pays for damage to your vehicle if it hits or gets hit by another object or vehicle.
    • Uninsured motorist coverage: Apart from paying for your injuries, uninsured motorist coverage sometimes even pays for certain property damage stemmed from uninsured or a hit-and-run driver.

  • A complete guide on how to apply for auto insurance

    The 1978 Diplomatic Relations Act and the Foreign Missions Act make it mandatory for all vehicles in the country to always carry liability insurance. The proof of insurance is necessary at the time of vehicle registration.

    Here is what you should know:

    Buying motor insurance

    Accidents may occur whenever, which is why having the right motor insurance ensures the safety of your finances. However, it would be best if you protect yourself from overpaying for insurance coverage. It is important to choose a reliable insurer that will process your claim quickly if the need arises. Adopting a stepwise procedure to buy the right insurance policy will be beneficial.

    What you should keep in mind buying motor insurance:

    Personal liability and personal injury

    When availing auto insurance, always put your and your family’s safety as a priority. In case of an injury due to an accident, you will require health insurance to procure the best treatment. In case you do not have health coverage, it is recommended you increase personal injury and liability that will cover treatment costs in case of any accidental injuries.

    Uninsured drivers

    A study shows that one-in-seven at-fault drivers are uninsured. Sometimes, however, the other driver may have insurance that is not the same as yours. Although you need to pay a higher premium or increase the deductible, it is recommended you do not forego this coverage.

    Major accidents

    In case of an accident, either your insurance or the other driver’s insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle. However, if your car is destroyed due to a natural calamity, only your motor insurance will pay for the damages. Therefore, it is essential to have higher coverage to pay for repairs or for the car’s replacement.

    Getting stranded

    A car comprises electrical, rubber, and mechanical parts, and anything may go wrong without warning. You may include towing and rental coverage to protect yourself against such unforeseen circumstances.

    How to apply for auto insurance

    • Know the minimum insurance required by your state
    • You can decide on the coverage you need, and this depends on how much risk you are willing to assume, your financial budget, and how many assets you want to protect
    • Check your driving record to see if you have a history of speeding tickets as it significantly increases the premium on the motor insurance
    • Review your current insurance policy to know the coverage and the premium you are paying
    • Compare quotes from different insurers on an insurance portal or procure estimates from shortlisted insurance companies
    • Call the insurance companies to clarify doubts or get additional information about the policy
    • Check for discounts as most insurers offer competitive rates if you have a clean driving record. You could also install safety equipment in your vehicle
    • Evaluate the reliability of different insurance companies by reading user feedback, checking the insurance department’s website, and speaking with friends and family
    • Before you finalize the policy and sign the dotted line, you must read the policy document

    Follow these steps to choose the best motor insurance. Most importantly, do not forget to cancel your old policy before you buy a new one.

  • Mid-range crossover SUVs to check out in 2020

    Crossover SUVs are as stylish as SUVs and offer smooth driving experience on rough roads. Crossover SUVs or CUVs, as they are popularly called, have been one of the most sought-after vehicles. While some crossover SUVs are priced slightly on the higher side, some are moderately priced. Here are some of the best mid-range crossover SUVs worth checking out, along with their prices:

    • Dodge Journey
      The 173-hp inline-four with a four-speed automatic speed transmission is still one of the best engines for an entry-level crossover SUV. It also comes with a front-wheel-drive, and you get a good amount of storage space and a seating capacity for seven. This crossover offers a fuel economy of over 500 miles per tank on the highways, so you can take your next road trip without worrying about the constant stops for fuel. The latest model of this mid-size crossover SUV is available at a starting list price of $23,675 and can be financed at 0.9% APR for 84 months.
    • Nissan Pathfinder
      There was a time when this SUV was considered to be a vehicle best suited for people who like adventure on the go. It was considered a good car for the rough roads and has found a lot of acceptance with families in the last few years. It has a seating capacity for seven people and provides easy access to the third row in the vehicle. The crossover is powered by a 284-hp 3.5-liter V-6 engine and continuously variable automatic transmission, making it an ideal car for a long drive on the highway with your family. It offers a cargo space of 79.5 cubic feet and comes with the Bose® Premium Audio System to keep you entertained on the road. You can check out the official website for offers on this crossover SUV listed for a price of $31,680.
    • Kia Sorento
      Some CUVs pose themselves as an alternative to a minivan primarily used by families, but Kia Sorento makes no such claims. It is a stylishly built, large crossover designed for families and comes laced with a bunch of safety gear. Available at the list price of $26,990, this crossover SUV is powered by a 290 hp V6 engine. It can accommodate seven people and comes with a 7-inch color display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. The 8-speed automatic transmission provides the crossover with a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. It also has safety features like blind-spot collision avoidance and a surround view monitor.
    • Nissan Murano
      The gorgeous design of the Nissan Murano makes it stand out from other mid-range Crossover SUVs in the market. With a 260-hp 3.5-liter V-6 engine that comes equipped with the continuously variable transmission, the crossover packs a punch in overall performance. The front-wheel-drive comes as a standard feature on all the models, and the Murano boasts of comfortable interiors and has a premium audio system for an immersive experience. You can get this crossover SUV for a list price of $31,530.
  • Leasing a car – How to get the best deal possible

    You might be an expert on cars. You might have good knowledge on everything from the history of a particular model to its lesser-known features. But leasing a car and getting a good deal on it is a different ball game altogether.

    Car leasing deals can be tricky if you do not have the requisite information at your disposal. You have to be sure about the charges over a period of time and the terms and conditions one can negotiate on. Follow these tips for securing a good deal.

    Go for cars which have a higher value

    A car leasing deal also makes you pay for depreciation value, tax, interest, additional fees, and other variables. If you pick a car that is still closer to its original value and is likely to depreciate less, you will be paying less for leasing it out. You must always remember that a car’s resale value is directly proportional to its residual value. Simply put, if the car has a good resale value, its residual value will also be high when your lease expires. You can do your research by going through magazines and web portals, which publish reports and articles on higher value lease cars regularly.

    Look for offers

    When the manufacturing company is unable to lease out the car for a long period of time, it might resort to giving special offers and advertise the same extensively. Most of these offers or deals offer a lower monthly payment by making a few calculations from their end. Usually, they lower the interest rate. Such kinds of car leasing deals are very alluring, but you have to be very careful when you decide to go for them. Check the quality of the vehicle properly and ensure that it is not a car that you would regret leasing out later. Read the terms thoroughly and then decide.

    Compare prices

    Today, people do not buy the simplest or the cheapest of items without checking the prices online. There are several websites and vehicle associations that provide prices or leasing fees for cars offered by different manufacturers or owners. You must do some research and find out the fair or market value of the vehicle you are planning to lease out. Also, try to find out the invoice price of the car. The invoice price refers to the amount which the dealer puts down for the car and is lowest at which the vehicle can be priced.

    Get in touch in with dealers

    Car dealers would be able to guide you well when it comes to leasing a car. Meet a bunch of them. You should get phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact details of several dealers on the Internet. There are official websites of dealers and manufacturing units. You can visit them and get all the relevant information about the vehicle which you wish to enquire about.

    You also have to decide how long you want to lease out the car and whether you plan to buy it when the lease comes to an end. This is the best way to get a good car leasing deal.

  • Add-on features of the Dodge Ram 1500

    Dodge Ram 1500 has often been described as one of the best options among the many pickup trucks available in the market. Apart from offering solid performance, Dodge Ram provides adequate comfort and a smooth driving experience, and the 2020 model offers a range of engine choices, including a newly-powered turbo diesel. Along with that, several prominent upgrades make this model stand out from its counterparts.

    Add-on features in the 2020 Ram 1500

    • Eco-diesel engine
      Out of the engine options that the Dodge Ram 1500 comes with, the Eco-diesel engine is the most expensive. It is a 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6 that adds quite some weight to the vehicle but also helps increase its fuel economy significantly. With the 33-gallon fuel tank, the pickup truck can travel as far as 1,000 miles without needing a refill. The engine is almost noiseless, does not create a rumble when switched on, and offers excellent power.
    • Appealing interiors
      The Dodge Ram 1500 is available in multiple colors, and it also comes with a Harman Kardon® Premium Audio System with 19 speakers. This is one of the most attractive music systems that you will find in a pickup truck. You can also customize the console to your preferences and make the most of the smart storage inside the cabin.
    • A bigger touch-enabled screen
      The earlier model had an 8.4-inch display screen, but the 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 has a 12-inch wide touch-enabled screen that contributes a great deal to the in-house entertainment space. Apart from playing music, you can get updates on the climate and the route you are taking, helping you navigate easily. It has an elaborate panel consisting of controls that are extremely easy to use, and the touch-screen is also laced with a 360-degree camera that helps you get a complete view of the vehicle’s surroundings. Add to that the premium 7-inch driver information digital cluster display with 3-D graphics that breathes life into information.
    • Multiple charging ports
      If you or your travel partner owns several electronic devices, you do not need to worry about any of your devices running out of power while you are on the road. The 2020 Ram 1500 takes the need for its travelers’ charging requirements seriously and provides four ultra-fast charging ports. There are USB, USB-C, and a bunch of other ports that will let you charge any device easily.
    • Multi-utility tailgate
      The tailgate of this vehicle offers multiple ways to access the bed. It opens both down like in traditional pickup trucks as well as sideways in a 60/40 split to help you easily access the items in the trailer without having to lean over. This way, you can meet your exact needs with this pickup. With a capacity of holding up to 2,000 pounds, the Dodge Ram 1500 also comes equipped with lockable storage bins on each side of the bed. And that’s not all, the lids of these storage bins have LED lights fixed to help you easily locate what you need, even in poorly-lit surroundings.
  • Top budget-friendly Corvette for sale

    Thinking of buying a sports car but want to wait further as you need more time to accumulate funds? If you cannot afford a new one right now, investing in a second-hand or used car would not be a bad idea, considering that it is in good condition. You will be spending less, and if you made the right choice, you will get a vehicle that would be as good as the one you always wanted to have.

    Chevrolet Corvette is a brand synonymous with stylish sports cars, which also boast of great performance. Once in a while, they organize a sale for their used cars. They buy the cars from the owners, refurbish them, sell them, or put together a sale in which the owners directly interact with prospective buyers. The company ensures that the cars, which are up for sale, meet a certain quality standard specified by them, and are in good condition. Certain cars or models are mostly seen being more in demand than the rest.

    Here are some cheap Corvettes for sale which turn out to be among the buyers’ top choices in a car sale:

    2019 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

    This car is available both as a coupe and a convertible. The latter, quite obviously, gained more attention than the former. The two-seater features a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) drop top. The engine has a 6.2-liter drop top with 460 pound-feet of torque and 455 horsepower. The seven-speed manual transmission features as a standard component on all cars in this segment. Still, this one also has an optional eight-speed automatic transmission coupled with paddle shifters mounted on a steering wheel. Even when you are driving at a slightly higher speed in the Sport mode, the car remains stable. Driving in the track mode is equally comfortable. You can find this cheap Corvette for sale in any store.

    2018 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

    There is hardly any automobile engine that provides one with the kind of ‘aural’ energy which the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport provides. As soon as you switch on the engine, the car makes the kind of sound that pumps you up immediately. If you find it in good condition, the 2018 model will be an excellent investment for you. It is also one of the best looking sports cars around and is also cheap. Its look and overall design do make it sound out from other cars in this category. This is a sports car in the true sense – it is not meant for regular roads but to be maneuvered across rough terrains, canyon road, or a sports track. The steering wheels respond very well to the movements of the driver’s hand.

    2018 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

    The 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was launched in three different models, and two things that were common to all of them were – an out-and-out sporty look and great performance. This particular model featured new color schemes, enhanced display setup, and brand new alloy wheels. The cabin is compact but is spacious for two people to sit in. If you open the convertible, you get a lot more headroom. Even in the coupe model, you can move a part of the roof and keep it in the trunk. The interior surface has a fresh design, and there are in-car entertainment facilities too. There is a touch-enabled display screen that is equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

  • Lexus luxury cars you should check out

    The Japan-based auto-manufacturing company Toyota launched Lexus in 1989 as a luxury brand to cater to those who have a penchant for premium cars. Several models have since been introduced under this brand name, making the brand synonymous with quality and luxury. Lexus, as a brand, has become the first choice for people who prefer luxury rides. Here are the best luxury cars by Lexus that you should check out:

    • IS
      IS is an abbreviated form of Intelligent Sport, and it is an entry-level, compact sport sedan. The third-generation model of this vehicle was launched in the market in 2013. The 241-horsepower engine runs on an eight-speed automatic and a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four. The all-wheel-drive can be utilized by both the 311-hp IS 350 and the IS 300, both of which use a six-speed automatic and a 3.5-liter V-6.
    • ES
      The ES is the bestselling Lexus non-SUV in the country, and the vehicle enjoys a good reputation for its reliability and for offering high-value service. The seventh-generation of this model made its debut in 2019. The 311-hp ES 350 engine utilizes an eight-speed automatic and a 3.5 liter V6. On the other hand, the 215-hp ES 300h model runs on a 2.5-liter hybrid system and provides a fuel economy of 44 mpg combined.
    • GS
      The GS is one of the more high-end offerings by Lexus. The 248-hp GS 300 engine of this mid-size luxury sedan runs on a 2.0-liter inline-four. The 311-hp GS 350 model comes in all-wheel-drive as well as rear-wheel-drive, both with a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The all-wheel-drive cars have a six-speed automatic, while the rear-wheel-drive vehicles use an eight-speed automatic.
    • LS
      The LS was the first flagship launched by Toyota under the brand name of Lexus. The LS 500 employs a ten-speed automatic and a 416-hp twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6. One of the best luxury cars, it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. The interiors are impressive, and the sedan has an unmistakable Japanese aesthetic to it. The cabin is largely made of leather-based material and boasts of eye-catching design.
    • UX
      UX stands for Urban Explorer, and the luxury crossover by Lexus lives up to the idea. At a starting price range of $32,000, it is also one of the most modestly priced vehicles by Lexus. Another one of the best luxury cars by the company, it is available in two variants: the 181-hp UX 250h and the 169-hp UX 200. Both of them use versions of the 2.0-liter inline-four. Another common factor between both versions is that they employ a continuously-variable transmission. The UX 200h has an all-wheel-drive, while the UX 200 has a front-wheel drive.
    • NX
      If you want an SUV that offers luxury but is also compact, the Lexus NX is the best luxury car for you. It offers great mileage and delivers a super smooth performance. With two comfortable rows of seating, it is suitable for small families. The 2020 model also has newly introduced safety features like low-light pedestrian detection, bicyclist detection, and road sign information.