• The best deals on the latest Volvo SUVs

    Volvo is one of the leading automobile brands in the SUV market, know for introducing spacious trim variants. These automobiles are designed with a tough exterior and advanced safety features, providing a smooth and safe ride on all types of terrain. Moreover, the SUV boasts premium interior and seating, ensuring a comfortable ride. The brand also features plug-in hybrid trims in their latest 2021 Volvo car deals. Check out the new 2021 Volvo car deals on the XC90 and XC60.

    Volvo XC90
    If you are in the market for a premium SUV, Volvo brings you the latest offers on its stunning 7-seating XC90 range. Built for speed, designed for comfort, and loaded with smart features, XC90 trim variants start at just $49,000. Check out the new 2021 Volvo car deals on the Momentum and Inscription trims on their official website. The XC90 T5 FWD Momentum is available for a monthly installment of $579 for a period of 36 months. For a reasonable purchase APR of 1.99%, you only pay $4,979 as upfront costs to secure the deal. You can alternatively lease the XC90 T6 AWD Momentum Trim for $639/month with an upfront cost of $5,039 at 1.99% APR. Similarly, the Volvo XC90 Recharge Inscription can be leased for just $695/month at the same APR with $5,095 due on purchase. You also get a purchase and loyalty bonus for all three deals.

    Need a midsize family car? The five-seating Volvo XC60 offers all the latest luxuries, smart features, and hybrid technology for an affordable price tag. The Hybrid XC60 also has reduced tailpipe emissions and an EPA-friendly rating for fuel-efficiency. The base XC60 T5 FWD Momentum is available for just $41,700. You can lease the SUV for a purchase APR of 1.99% on 36 equal installments set at $445/month. If you prefer the hybrid, the XC60 Recharge Inscription is a slightly more premium option with a lease available for $559/month for a similar APR. While you don’t have to pay a security deposit, there is an upfront lease fee for both the XC60 trims, $4,195 and $4,309, respectively.

    Note that lease offers are subject to changes as mentioned in the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • Top lease deals for new Volvo cars

    Figuring out a car you want to lease can be a challenging task! Volvo cars are powerful, reliable, feature rich, and can be great for everything from running errands to going on a trip with your family. If you’ve decided on leasing a Volvo car, we have good news for you – the automaker has recently introduced attractive lease deals on all models, including the new ones. Read on to know the lease deals on new Volvo cars and lease options offered by Volvo Car Financial Services.

    Depending on the model you prefer, monthly payments for leasing a Volvo range between $359 and $695. Note that all leases are for a term of three years and require less than $5000 at signing. Volvo is currently running special offers on the following models:.

    • Volvo S60 lease deal: $359 per month with $3,659 due at signing
    • Volvo S90 lease deal: $599 per month with $3,899 due at signing
    • Volvo V60 lease deal: $439 per month with $3,919 due at signing
    • Volvo V90 lease deal: $599 per month with $4,899 due at signing
    • Volvo XC40 lease deal: $385 per month with $3,865 due at signing
    • Volvo XC60 lease deal: $445 per month with $4,195 due at signing
    • Volvo XC90 lease deal: $579 per month with $4,979 due at signing

    Volvo Car Financial Services offers various leasing options to ensure maximum consumers are able to drive a new Volvo. Here are some leasing options you must know about.

    Flexible leasing terms

    You can lease for anywhere from 24 months to 48 months. However, keep in mind that the aforementioned lease deals for new Volvo cars are for 36 months. And during the lease term, your Volvo will be under the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Mileage plans choices

    If your driving needs are limited, you may choose the low mileage plan, which includes 7,500 miles per year. But if you need to get behind the wheel every day, you can opt for the high-mileage plan, which includes 30,000 miles per year.

    Payment options

    Don’t want the hassle of making monthly payments? Volvo Car Financial Services gives you the option to make a one-time payment at the time of lease signing. With a single lease payment, you can also get a discount.

    Excess wear and use protection plan

    Wear and tear of parts over time is inevitable. In cases of excessive wear or damage, you may need to pay out of your pocket. To avoid such situations and save money, you must purchase the optional plan offered by Volvo Car Financial Services.

  • Renting a Cadillac SUV – What you should know

    Cadillacs have always been known for manufacturing some of the best-performing SUVs and luxury sedans in the market. These cars have been known for their classy interiors and impressive performance. But, all of this comes with a price; some varients even cross the six-figure mark, making them inaccessible to buy for a large number of car enthusiasts. Thankfully, renting them is not an expensive affair.

    Here are some luxury rentals options for Cadillacs:

    Cadillac Escalade
    The 2021 Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV are said to be the most technologically advanced models so far. The 2021 edition is available in five trims, namely Luxury, Premium Luxury, Sport, Premium Luxury Platinum, and Sports Platinum. These are also some of the most expensive cars at this time and can cost anywhere between $75,000 to $100,000, depending on what you choose. It features a 6.2L V8 engine that packs a mighty 420 HP.

    Renting a Cadillac
    If you can’t afford to cash out that much money for a fancy car but still want to show up at your friend’s house with an expensive car, you can choose to rent this car from your nearest car rental company! The Cadillac SUVs are available for long-term and short-term rentals. On average, the daily rate of renting a Cadillac SUV could be anywhere between $325 to $525 per day, depending on the type of Escalade you choose. If you are interested in renting a Cadillac, some of the most popular online rental companies for renting Cadillac SUVs are as follows:

    • SIXT
      SIXT SE is a car dealership company that offers a wide range of luxury cars and vehicles. The company has a global presence and provides car rental and share solutions, ride-hailing services, and car subscriptions.
    • Falcon car rental
      In 2015, a group of car enthusiasts came together and founded a car rental service in Los Angeles. Today, Falcon car rental caters to people who are fond of exotic and luxurious automobiles. They feature an elite collection of vehicles from BMW, Range Rover, Mercedes, and Cadillac.
  • Find out about the 2021 Subaru Ascent

    A mid-size SUV, the 2021 Subaru Ascent boasts of comfortable seating and spacious cargo areas making it a preferable choice for long distance traveling. It comes with standard a all-wheel drive and adaptive cruise control. The car also does has some great features and safety tech too to ensure the drive is comfortable and risk-free. According to reviews, it ranks as a good midsize SUV that can be considered for a purchase if you’re looking for a new car.

    With a three row flexible seating that fits seven or eight passengers, this makes for a big family car. As mentioned before, it has a standard all-wheel drive feature, which means that the car is extremely stable since it is designed for optimal balance. It is efficient for any and all weather conditions, making it a responsible car choice.

    It has a ground clearance of 8.7 inches, which makes it perfect for rough terrain driving without having to worry about the engine grinding across the road. Additionally, the X-MODE is extremely helpful when tackling difficult descents as it gears up the car for stability and control of the terrain.

    With a 5000 pound towing capacity, this vehicle makes for a perfect adventurous ride. Huddle up the family and prepare for a road trip across the coast or the mountains this summer, the choice is yours! The car’s body, which is made out of a high-strength steel frame, zips past the road without any bumps and makes for a steady ride.

    EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology
    This particular safety tech reduces the rate of rear-end crashes that lead to injury by up to 85%. This is just the tech you need when driving on a road where there’s too much traffic or there is a higher probability of rash driving. The Lane Centering also cues you if you are edging outside of your lane.

    Design and style
    The car looks sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. It comes in different color choices like Crystal Black Silica, Ice Silver Metallic, Crystal White Pearl, Crimson Red Pearl, Magnetite Grey Metallic, Abyss Blue Pearl, Cinnamon Brown Pearl, Brilliant Bronze Metallic. The exterior is not the only attractive design, the interiors too are spacious and you can even select the seating colors to match your aesthetic. Here are some options to choose from: Slate Black Cloth, Slate Black Leather, Warm Ivory Cloth, Warm Ivory Leather, and Java Brown Leather.

    2021 Ascent Models and Pricing
    The 2021 Subaru Ascent model starts at around $32,295 with an MPG of 27/21. The next model, Ascent Premium, starts at about $35,000 with an MPG of 27/21. Ascent Limited’s starting price is around $39,595 with a high MPG of 26/20 and the Ascent Touring starts at around $45,445 with an MPG of 26/20.

    There is also an option to build your Subaru car where you can add different features deepening upon your requirements.

  • Top 4 electric vehicles to consider buying

    Although fuel-burning cars make up for a huge chunk of the automotive industry, they are slowly being replaced with more sustainable alternatives like electric cars. While electric cars are expensive, consumers have realized the impact of fuel emission, and they are ready to invest in green alternatives. Those on the lookout for zero-emissions vehicles now have a comprehensive list of cars to choose from, with a wide variety of models and several price points.

    Here are some of the top-selling electric car models you can buy:

    Volvo XC40 Recharge-79 MPGe
    This is a fully-electric model designed by Volvo that can do a 0 to 60 mph launch in less than five seconds. The all-wheel drive compact crossover features two motors, a 75-kWh battery, and an EPA rating of 208 miles. The Volvo XC40 Recharge-79 MPGe, which is priced at approximately $55,000, is an affordable option compared with Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron.

    Hyundai Ioniq Electric
    This compact electric vehicle is one of the most affordable cars in this category. The hatchback features a single motor with 134 horsepower and an estimated range of 170 miles. It boasts of a fast-charging DC, which gives an 80% in approximately 45 minutes. If this is your first purchase in this category, the Hyundai Ioniq is a great pick. It will cost you approximately $33,000.

    Ford Mustang Mach-E
    This fully electric SUV by Ford features five variants, which offer miles ranging from 211 to 305. The single-motor electric vehicle’s premium variant can do 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. It has an output of 600 pound-feet torque and 480 horsepower. The zero-emission vehicle ranges between $42,000 and $60,000.

    Tesla Model 3
    This electric car model by Tesla features a dual-motor capacity with an accelerating rate of 3.1 seconds to go from 0-60 mph. It comes with an all-wheel drive system that controls the torque digitally. This Tesla model can go up to 353 mi of estimated range on a single charge. Supercharger locations can speed up charging up to 175 mi in just 15 minutes. The starting price of this electric Tesla car model is around $39,990.

    A few other electric vehicles that are popular are the Jaguar I-Pace, BMW i3, Cooper SE, and Audi E-Tron.


  • Top 5 car rental companies

    When it comes to renting a car, the choice of car rental company matters. Although there is no single best car rental company out there, there are many great ones worth comparing rates on. The right one for you will depend on what exactly you’re looking for and your budget. So, ensure to compare rates thoroughly from official websites before picking a car rental service. Keep reading to learn about some excellent car rental companies in the country.

    Hertz is one of the oldest and the largest car rental companies. It’s present in nearly all neighborhoods and airport locations in the country. The company offers a wide selection of cars so you’ll likely find something suitable. If you become a frequent Hertz renter, you can even take advantage of their Gold Plus Rewards Program. Benefits include skipping the counter to rent quickly and collecting points to get free rental days, among other things.

    Alamo is often touted as the best car rental company for international travelers. That’s because they have offices located in every major airport in the USA. Another great thing about Alamo is that they offer quick and efficient pick-up and drop-off services. Also, travelers can save 5% by becoming an Alamo insider.

    With over 60 years in the car rental industry, Enterprise is one of the most trusted companies. What people like the most about Enterprise is accessibility. Their offices are located in and around nearly all neighborhoods in the country, so picking up and dropping off vehicles is quite convenient. They also offer membership programs that provide many benefits to regular renters.

    National has become a go-to car rental company among companies and business travelers. Thanks to their Emerald Club program, corporate and even individuals can take advantage of discounts and other crucial benefits like bypassing the counter and earning rewards for free rental days. They also offer a wide range of car selections, including compact cars, luxury cars, SUVs, and cargo vans.

    True to its name, renting a car from Payless is quite affordable. If you compare Payless rates with other top car rental companies, you’ll find that Payless always offers deals that significantly lower rent prices. For example, they are currently offering up to a 20% discount on a prepaid online booking. Payless is available in several locations around the country and has received mostly reviews from customers, so they are worth checking out.

  • Top SUVs of 2021

    Be it a daily commute or a weekend adventure, SUVs are out there to meet everyone’s demands. Loaded with features and decent fuel efficiency, SUVs are always what drive any auto manufacturer’s sales numbers. However, not every SUV makes it to the top level in terms of sales and popularity to becomes a crowd favorite. Even a minor flaw like a mediocre rating when it comes to reliability or even the lack of some popular feature can shove any SUV to the bottom of the list of SUVs. Let us look at 10 of the best SUVs in the country:

    Top 10 SUV of 2021

    • Ford Escape
    • Chevrolet Equinox
    • Honda CR-V
    • Jeep Cherokee
    • Ford Explorer
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Kia Sorento
    • Dodge Journey
    • Nissan Rogue
    • Toyota RAV4

    Of this list of 10, let us take a closer look at the top 5 SUVs:

    Ford Explorer
    The Ford Explorer is an excellent SUV that combines style, comfort, and value. Depending on the customization, the Ford Explorer is the perfect vehicle for six, or even seven, passengers. The SUV comes with many offerings ranging from three different types of engine, which can be opted according to the needs. The rearview camera is an excellent feature that is coupled with the Ford Sync, Ford ensures that the passengers are in no way disappointed.

    Jeep Cherokee
    If you are a fan of the ruggedness offered by the Grand Cherokee, the Jeep Cherokee is just a smaller version of the Grand. The Jeep Cherokee is a crossover that offers five different trim levels, where the customers get to select from four cylinders and an upgraded V6 engine. The Jeep Cherokee is really quiet when compared to other SUVs and performs equally well.

    Honda CR-V
    The Honda CR-V has a sleek, sporty design and an option for a turbocharged engine, satisfying almost anyone who has the need for speed. The CR-V comes in four trim levels and the basic standard version offers some decent features which include Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration. The Honda CR-V has that perfect balance between comfort, handling, and generous storage space.

    Chevrolet Equinox
    Many feel an SUV that can serve an entire family’s need is a myth. However, the Chevrolet Equinox is a myth breaker. The 2017 model of Chevrolet’s Equinox comes packed with ample features in its standard version, making it hard to resist for any SUV enthusiast. A seven-inch touch screen, 17-inch wheels, 4G Wi-Fi hotspot with reclining second-row seats makes this a dream car for any family. Plenty of leg room and headroom makes it ideal for elderly family members.

    Ford Escape
    Offering endless customization options, Ford Escape is one of the most versatile SUV options available out there in the market. Be running daily errands or going for an adventure trip, Ford Escape deals with everything with ease making it second to none.

  • Things to know about Ford oil change coupons

    Maintaining a car is an expensive affair. You need to regularly service it and change its oil from time to time. While you can get it serviced at an affordable rate, the oils used in your car don’t come cheap; their price increases with the value of the car. For instance, the oils used in a top Ford model costs up to a hundred dollars.

    You can afford it once or twice, but not every month. And this is where oil change coupons work the best. Let’s shed some light on them.

    What are oil change coupons?
    Oil change coupons are like every other coupon that you might have come across. They aid in getting cheap deals while changing the oil in your car. It is a great way to save money and service your car at the same time.

    Ford oil change coupons
    Changing oil is essential but expensive too. Ford Motors understands it better than most other automobile companies. To ensure owners don’t start regretting their choice of buying a Ford car, the company offers coupons that allow owners to use them to get discounts on services. Ford Motors coupons for oil changes are also included.

    Available Ford oil change coupons
    Ford regularly updates its website with brakes, battery, tires, and oil change coupons. Right now, there’s only one oil change coupon available: THE WORKS®* Synthetic Blend Oil Change and More.

    The coupon, which is available on Ford’s website, is a great deal as it includes all of the following services:

    • Tire rotation and pressure check
    • Brake inspection
    • Vehicle checkup
    • Fluid top-off
    • Battery test
    • Filter check
    • Belts and hoses check

    The coupon ensures that you will get up to six quarts of Motorcraft oil and Motorcraft oil filter. However, taxes, diesel vehicle charges, and disposal fees are additional charges and do not come as part of the package. A hybrid battery test is also excluded. The process to avail of the coupon is simple. You have to locate a dealership and call the Ford representative. Once you visit the service center at the allotted time, the Ford technicians will change the oil of your vehicle while you relax in a comfortable waiting room. Meanwhile, the offer is valid only till 31st December 2021. So, hurry up!