Best-selling tour packages for Ireland

Located on Europe’s northwest edge, Ireland is ideally called the green jewel owing to its sprawling green landscapes, emerald hills, and mesmerizing ancient ruins, and castles. There are many Ireland tour packages that allow you to visit the country of myths and legends. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones you can opt for.

  • 11-day best of Ireland tour
    An award-winning tour operator, Trafalgar Tours offers visitors one of the best Ireland vacation packages you can opt for, which is an 11-day Best of Ireland Tour. Offering a memorable visit to the green jewel, the tour takes you on a round trip from Dublin to several of the country’s mesmerizing sites and attractions, allowing you to enjoy first-class accommodations, world-class meals, and dozens of exciting stops along the way.
  • 6-day iconic scenes of Ireland tour
    This is an ideal tour package for those who don’t have much time and still want to enjoy the best sites and sounds of Ireland. Also called a “hub-and-spoke” tour, the 6-day package features accommodation in only two days for the entire duration of the trip, which means you don’t need to pack your bags repeatedly while hopping between different destinations. This, in turn, allows you to focus less on packing and more on making beautiful memories instead. Definitely, it is one of those Ireland tour packages you need to opt to enjoy a short getaway!
  • 5-15 days CIE customizable tours
    CIE Tours Ireland has repeatedly been the number one choice for many tourists returning to the country, thanks to its customizable Ireland vacations packages. With over three dozen tours to choose from, you get to choose the destinations you want to visit, as well as the duration of your trip (from 5 to 15 days). The tours are all-inclusive and come with luxury accommodations and meals. While the short tours focus more on the important parts of the country and cover half of it, the 15-day tour packages cover the entire island.
  • 10-day deluxe castles tour of Ireland
    This small group tour allows you to enjoy the luxury and be treated like royalty as you stay in some of the most historic castles and country manor houses on the island. As one of the premier Ireland tour packages, the tour lets you enjoy the best in accommodation, food, and transportation services as you tour the best attractions and sites in the country.

Planning on visiting Ireland this holiday season? Take your pick from these tour packages, which are considered nothing but the best Ireland vacation packages you can opt to tour the island and bring home loads of beautiful memories. While you’re in Ireland, you can even spend a little time in the best Scotland as part of your vacation package.