How to enliven your bath space with lighting

Bathrooms are no longer a place just to take a quick shower. To many, it is an intimate space for a bit of self-indulgence. To make it more attractive, you can convert this private space into a luxurious haven with proper lighting ideas. When it comes to bathroom lighting ideas, the possibilities are endless, and it can significantly add its overall ambiance. So, when you are furnishing your new home or remodeling your old house, this is an important aspect to be considered to obtain the vibe you would like to have at the end.

Here are some tips which will help you select the best bathroom lights!

An eye on the style quotient – Lights should go with the established theme of the bathroom. There are those that are made of bronze which gives an antique appearance or those made of crystals which seem extremely classy. And those of simple nickel or chrome finish offer a more contemporary feel. You also have a choice to opt for unique decorative lights that are easily accessible in the market.

Choose the right spots – A simple way of doing this is adding one bright light that would take care of the entire space, especially if the light can reach all corners in an unhindered manner. But if you wish to personalize, you can opt to install small lights individually for every space such as the bath, shower area, the toilet, the mirror, etc.

Consider the positioning – One important aspect of bathroom lighting ideas is the positioning. There are several ways to fix a light, which not just improves the aesthetic appeal, but also tends to be practical. For instance, a combination of a standard overhead light and higher intensity lights on the side of a mirror can add functionality as well as style. Lights in the ceiling, walls, floor level, and cove lighting are some of the numerous options available. It primarily depends on your taste and budget. If you have a flexible budget, you might be even able to turn your regular bath space into a mini spa.

While picking the lighting for your bathroom, there is no one rule that fits all. So get creatively smart with your bathroom lighting.

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