Alcatraz tour options and prices

Alcatraz tours encapsulate the beauty and history of the Alcatraz Islands on the San Francisco Bay. Alcatraz has been home to some infamously notorious criminals like Al Capone. Later on, the island served as a harbor defense fort as well as military prison. Presently, Alcatraz Islands have been renovated and restored to reveal newer insights into its astounding history. Although there are many companies that can sail around the islands, only one is authorized to land on it: Alcatraz Cruises. Their tours leave from Pier 33 near Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Alcatraz tour tickets need to be booked at least six weeks in advance. Same day tickets are also sold, but they sell out as early as 6 in the morning. The tour is self-paced and the Alcatraz tour tickets cover round-trip transportation and the Audio Tour. The following tour options are available for those interested.

  • Early Bird tour
    As the name goes, it is the first tour of the day; so, it is the least crowded. Children below 4 years are free to enter. Those from ages 5 to 11 are charged around $22, while those from 12 to 17 (junior) have to pay around $38 per head. Anyone under 18 years cannot enter without being accompanied by an adult. Those above 18 are required to pay around $38 per head. Tickets for those above 62 years of age are discounted at around $36. Family tickets are also available at about $115, but these tickets are available only at the Pier or through a phone call at their registered number.
  • Day tour
    The tour options, the inclusions, and the pricing are the same as that for Early Bird tour. The only difference is that it gets a tad crowded as the day proceeds.
  • Night tour
    There is a slightly lesser number of visitors at this time of the day. The evenings can be enjoyed with special park programs. The Alcatraz tour ticket prices are different for juniors, seniors, and adults in the range of $42-$45. The toddlers below 5 are allowed free entry and there are no family packages.
  • Behind the scenes tour
    The tour requires one to join a group of 30 people or fewer on a ranger-guided trip. This allows you to access places which are otherwise not open to the public like a hidden tunnel, an underground jail, or a hidden doorway. The Alcatraz tour ticket prices range from $84 to $90 for juniors, seniors, as well as adults.

Alcatraz tour tickets can also be availed as a part of the San Francisco City Pass and Go San Francisco Pass multi-tickets, but only when they have been purchased through Alcatraz Cruises.