4 ways to save on communication expenses

Living on a tight budget in today’s expensive city life is very difficult and tasking. A lot of people move to bigger cities for making a better living. While living in a busy city might be a dream for many, it is quite difficult to save up and cut back on expenses for the common man. With several users, cell phones have now become a necessity. However, with an increasing number of people using cell phones, the cost of communication is on the rise in big cities. Moreover, since many businesses solely run on communication the cost of cell phones and the related services is ever increasing. Therefore, to cut down on communication expenses, many people are applying for free government cell phones. Here are a few simple tips to save up those extra bucks while living the big expensive city life.

Apply for free government cell phones
The government has been helping citizens with taking care of their expenditure and savings. These days, a lot of people are applying for free government cell phones, which help you in saving up funds. With free government cell phones, the government pays for your calls and texts and completely takes care of all your mobile payments. However, when applying for free government cell phones, the government keeps track of your income, taxes, food stamps, etc. to ensure you fall under the category to avail of free government cell phones. This helps you cut back on phone-related expenses like mobile data, calls, and texts.

Apart from applying for free government cell phones, some other ways to save money are as follows:

Use electricity saving electronics
A lot of brands these days create energy saving electronics and equipment to ensure you save up on electric charges. Brands create energy saving bulbs, lights as wells as refrigerators, televisions and air conditioners which consume less electric current. These are divided into 4-star to 5-star savers, which save max electricity. These types of power saving equipment and electronics are expensive, but this should not scare you from investing in them as these are long-term power saving options. The more you use these electronics, the more you save up on electricity bills.

Opt for kitchen gardening
Grow your vegetables and herbs in your kitchen garden or balcony gardens. The first months before the first harvest are the longest, but if you are patient enough, your tiny kitchen and balcony gardens can yield the best harvest which you can use for weeks! You can have your very own organic fruits and vegetables without paying huge amounts for these in supermarkets!

Use local transport
Use the local buses, trains, and metros to reach to your work or everyday destinations in the lowest fares and on time. This not only saves your money but also saves your time which you will end up wasting in hours of traffic. With the rising fuel prices, use your car or bike only for short distance traveling and shopping.