3 quirky modes of transport globetrotters should try

The various modes of transport—trains, cabs, and buses—are the major elements of our daily lives, and we do not find anything exciting about taking the subway to work. These different types of transport modes are something we are quite familiar with, which is why it holds no novelty for us; unless you have a kid with you who is taking the subway for the first time. However, as you move across different geographical locations, you’ll be enticed by the different modes of transport, which might leave you blown away, but might be a common sight for the locals.

So, if you ever decide to go backpacking across the globe, there are certain modes of transport you must try before you reach the bottom of your bucket list.

The Canal Taxi in Bangkok
People often have a love-hate relationship with taxis. Often, taxis play hard to get when you are in a hurry. However, here’s a taxi that waits patiently for its passengers to board and takes them on an interesting journey. Bangkok is the home to canal taxis and has acquired the title of “Venice of the East” owing to its vast network of canals. These river and canal taxis are an important mode of transport as it helps you get to your destination faster than cars or buses as there is no traffic in the canals! So, when in Bangkok, hail a canal taxi.

The Chicken Bus in Central America
These quirky modes of transport with brightly colored buses are the major mode of transport for locals in Guatemala or Panama. These buses offer tourists the quintessential Latin American transport experience and are extremely affordable. The bus derives its name from the chickens that ride along with the passengers at times. There are high chances that your seat might be occupied by these chicken; after all, it’s named after them.

The Cyclo in Vietnam
Everyone must have come across cycle taxis at some point in their lives, but in Vietnam, you’ll witness a revamped and a more interesting version of the cycle taxi: the Cyclo. Tourists simply adore the Cyclo; they can climb in front of the tricycle taxi and the driver will be right behind them, peddling them through the city. Locals favor the Cyclo over other modes of transport as it helps them beat the chaotic traffic.

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