10 best savings accounts that you should know about

It is never a good idea to settle for a savings account without conducting thorough market research. You may compare the benefits that are offered by different banks and make a decision based on your preferences. It is advisable to choose an account that pays a higher interest so as to make the most of your selection.

Following are the top ten savings accounts you may consider.

Salem Five
This bank offers a savings account which is known for the best yield, which is available at a rate of 2.05% APY.

Customers Bank
The savings account from this bank is also acclaimed for a high yield, which stands at 2.03% APY.

Northpointe Bank
The savings account offered by the bank is one of the 10 best savings accounts due to the high yield rate of 1.95% APY, which has made it ideal for savers. You can also open a savings account online.

Utah First Federal Credit Union
This savings account from this credit union is ideal for credit union customers and it offers a yield of 2% APY.

This bank offers a savings account with a competitive yield, which stands at 1.90% APY.

Citizens Access
With a 2% APY, the savings account from Citizen Access is one of the 10 best savings account based on the yield.

Radius Bank
The savings account offered by Radius Bank offers a yield of 1.86% APY.

PurePoint Financial
With an APY of 1.90%, the savings account offered by PurePoint Financial is known for a high yield and you can easily access the account across different devices.

Incredible Bank
The savings account offered by this bank has a high yield of 1.88% and has no monthly maintenance fees as well. This is one of the many reasons consumers prefer this savings account from Incredible Bank.

Popular Direct
Popular Direct is also a well-known bank that offers savings account has a high yield of 1.88% APY.

If you are seeking a high yield from your account, you may compare the best accounts based on the APY and choose the one with the highest yield. If you are seeking convenience and no maintenance fees, you can explore a little more for the banks that offer the same. There are endless options for you to choose from. You may base the decision on how easy it is to withdraw or deposit funds, or on how much will your money grow over a period of time.